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'The Jinx' | Best SXSW Keynotes | Mark Duplass

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Being a Re-enactor on The Jinx
What you need to know: The final episode of HBO's documentary series The Jinx aired recently, in which subject Robert Durst inadvertently revealed a major real-life spoiler. Vulture recently interviewed Chelsea Gonzalez, the actress employed to play murder victim Kathie Durst in re-enactments about her work and the eerily thin line between representaiton and reality. 
Tribeca says: Getting fake murdered never seemed so traumatic.

Watch: Drone Explores World's Largest Cave
What you need to know: Vitenam's Son Doong cave was only just discovered in 2009 and has been open to visitation since 2013, so it has been largely unseen by the global public. Spelunker Ryan Deboodt took his drone camera to capture the cave's unique ecology and spectacular visuals. 
Tribeca says: Remember when we took a look at a very different kind of drone photography a few months ago?

2015 Sony World Photography Awards Announced (Photo: "Old Shepherd" by Saeed Barikani)
What you need to know: Take a look at photographic submissions from around the globe that have earned a nomination for the Sony World Photography Awards this year. Some inspiring, some goofy, some spiritual, every submission in this photoset indicates the photogarphers' incredible artistic vision.
Tribeca says: There's even a cat mid-air that looks like it's on an invisible bicycle for you viral-age art historians.

Mark Duplass on Grassroots Filmmaking
What you need to know: In a rousing SXSW keynote, Mark Duplass detailed the innovations that have made filmmaking technology affordable and accessible to most Americans. Duplass pointed to Sundance selection Tangerine, shot entirely on iPhones, to make the case that there is no excuse not to take up independent filmmaking over the weekend.  
Tribeca says: Several TFF 2015 selections were at least partially filmed on iPhones as well. Take a look at the slate. 

Ava DuVernay's SXSW Keynote
What you need to know: Ava DuVernay perhaps became a spokesperson for a multicultural Hollywood when her 2015 Oscars snub galvanized an international hashtag campaign, but she took the stage at SXSW to talk instead about awards, ego, and ambition. DuVernay was a newcomer to the Academy Awards this year, and describes the powerful realization that it was nothing but a room in LA and her "work's worth is not based on what happens in or around that room."
Tribeca says: Hear, hear.