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Large broken circle breakdown

‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’ Receives 5 Nominations for European Film Awards

This enthralling romantic melodrama from TFF 2013 leads the nominations for this year’s European Film Awards.

Now showing in New York City and Los Angeles, The Broken Circle Breakdown is also playing to enthusiastic audiences around the globe. Felix van Groeningen’s intensely moving film follows two complex individuals who bond over their love of Americana culture and start a life together.  All is bliss until they must deal with a devastating tragedy. Aided by a knee-slapping bluegrass soundtrack, The Broken Circle Breakdown provides a movie-going experience of the highest order.

In addition to being Belgium’s official entry for the Academy Awards, The Broken Circle Breakdown just received 5 European Film Awards nominations (the most for any film).  This remarkable film is in the running for Best European Film, Best European Director and Best European Screenwriter (Felix van Groeningen and Carl Joos). Also, both Veerle Baetens and Johan Heldenbergh received nominations for their work as the star-crossed lovers in the Best European Actress and Actor categories. To see the full list of nominees for the 2013 European Film Awards, click here.  


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