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The 7 Dynamic Parts of FKA twigs' M3LL155X Short Film

A guide to the most interesting moments of twigs' mini-movie.

Last week alternative R&B singer FKA twigs surprised fans with a 16-minute short film to accompany her M3LL155X EP. The four-part twigs-directed effort, is "an aggressive statement conceptualizing the process of feeling pregnant with pain, birthing creativity and liberation," says the press release. But really, it’s a pointed—if tongue-in-cheek—video that extends her streak of artistic videos (see: “Two Weeks” and “Pendulum”). Twigs, British girlfriend of Hollywood leading man (and fellow Englishman) Robert Pattinson, has been dealing with the rumor mill and allegations of supposedly being pregnant for as long as both entertainers have been together.

And after watching it, we can confirm that it's more than that. FKA's film is an exhibition in trippy voyeurism. Could the anxious eyes that follow her throughout this film be twigs’ interpretation of the paparazzi? It’s difficult to tell if she enjoys being watched or hates it. Clearly, there's both pain and joy. In any case, it's enthralling.

Artists like Twigs and Miguel have been releasing short films like this recently. Though hers is decidedly more dramatic and conceptual, it's a trend that's producing awesome pieces. Rapper Kendrick Lamar has dropped politically charged clips. While Taylor Swift’s latest video for “Bad Blood” was a star-studded blockbuster action short. Twigs’ M3LL155X film produced some pretty dynamic shots. Read on for the most interesting moments of twigs' mini-movie.

1) The film opens with a gold-toothed gypsy woman that has a light bulb sprouting from her head. Things get weird when she eventually ingests it, then spits it out as a cotton ball-like bright spot.

2) M3LL155X's "I'm Your Doll" begins and the ball morphs into a busty milk-white cyber woman. There's a creepy man watching, salivating over it like he will soon do nasty things with it. Foreshadowing, folks.

3) There's also a blowup doll in bed with twigs' human head attached. "Dress me up/ I'm your doll," she coos.

4) After twigs dances in a white pajama top and underwear, the fetish scene ends with that man climbing on top of doll twigs and thrusting himself to completion. And how does the doll look in the end? Deflated. And pathetic.

5) A pregnant twigs wakes from the bed alone in a room where she is clearly being watched. Again. This time it's another man staring. The EP's cut "In Time" plays as Twigs and two dancers perform choreographed moves. It's the most Hip-Hop portion of the video with Twigs grooving in Timberland boots and an all denim outfit.

"In time you'll be doing me right," she sings to her viewer with attitude. As she writhes, twigs' preggo tummy pops. Gross, it's leaking some sort of rainbow slime down her leg. She dances in it while the one-man audience squirms.

6) As that portion of the film wraps, twigs opens the next scene on a hospital bed of sorts ready to give birth. Her legs are spread wide, but instead of there being any kind of tradition birth here (why would anyone expect that after seeing the first minutes of this flick anyway?), she pulls a stream of rainbow fabric from lady part instead of an infant.

7) The scene cuts to well-sculpted men in the woods wrapped in those birth clothes. Then they all hit a vogue party in the woods as "Glass & Patron" plays, where they boogie into the night, equally joyful and sassy while striking dramatic poses on a runway. The last thing the audience hears her say is "Now hold that pose for me." After this movie, no prob'.



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