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The 5 Most Exciting Things About the 'Dom Hemingway' Trailer

Jude Law dons a paunchy stomach and a receding hairline to bring us the story of a crook ready to make up for lost time. Here's five reasons to get excited.
The film follows the eponymous anti-hero Dom Hemingway, who's just been released from jail after 12 years. A safecracker par excellence, he goes in search of the reason for his long hiatus, but soon struggles between his enticing old life, and the option to start over again. 
Jude Law may play the title character, but not even all his swaggering debauchery can distract from a true Khaleesi. That's right, that's Emilia Clarke hanging out in the shadows. She plays Evelyn, the daughter Dom never saw grow up, now with a child of her own. This is Clarke's first big role since Game of Thrones, but from the trailer, she's quite comfortable opposite Law. Speaking of nerdom, that's Richard E. Grant playing Dickie, Dom Hemingway's partner in crime. He's not only worked with Tim Burton and done some Shakespeare, but also voiced The Doctor and played the Great Intelligence. Others of note are Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits) and Demian Bichir (A Better LifeThe Heat). 
Richard Shepard knows a little something about directing comedies. He has directed episodes of Girls30 Rock, and Ugly Betty, which all have the added bonus of being female-driven comedies. His films often find themselves in the comedic crime drama category, and frequently feature interpersonal relationships with something that's just a 
What do Mean GirlsUp in the Air, and Dexter all have in common? Their soundtracks were composed by Rolfe Kent. Though we only hear snatches of Kent's original music in the trailer, what we do hear reinforces the oldschool playboy archetype that Dom clings to. 
The Character Himself
Who would Ernest Hemingway be if he didn't find time to be one of the most celebrated writers? My guess is Dom Hemingway. All the drinking, fighting, and ne'er-do-welling minus the iconic syntax and page-long sentences. What can be better? From the trailer, I'd like to imagine that Dom functions as an aimless, English Tatie who can't tell when the party is over. In any case, the character is the kind of selfish cad that we secretly love. 
Giles Nuttgens served as Director of Photography for gorgeous films like last year's What Maisie Knew and Midnight's Children. With Dom Hemingway, he enhances the sleazy underbelly tone with saturated colors and careful use of shadows. 


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