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The 5 Most Exciting Things About the 'Parkland' Trailer

The JFK Assassination gets a new film treatment as a star-studded procedural thriller!

1. History Through a Different Lens
The Kennedy assassination has been viewed conspiratorially, politically, from almost every angle. Parkland looks to be tackling it from the perspectives of the people from history has not often heard. Abraham Zapruder, whose camera captured the awful event. The medical staff who received the President at the hospital. Lee Harvey Oswald's brother and mother. History is best viewed by multiple angles, and writer/director Peter Landesman has that covered.

2. That Cast
Name-checked in the trailer are Zac Efron, Marcia Gay Harden (as a doctor and nurse at the hospital, respectively), Billy Bob Thornton (as a Secret Service agent), Jacki Weaver (as Oswald's mom), and Paul Giamatti (as Zapruder). As the trailer helpfully reminds us, that's seven Oscar nominations between them and a whole lot of acting muscle behind those roles. Billy Bob especially looks to be tearing into his role.

3. Co-Producer Tom Hanks
Between Captain Phillips and Saving Mr. Banks, this seems to be shaping up as a pretty great year in front of the camera for Tom Hanks. If Parkland is a hit, it could be a big year on both sides of the camera. Hanks has shown an intense interest in history before, from Apollo 13 to Saving Private Ryan to TV miniseries like Band of Brothers and From the Earth to the Moon. That's a pretty excellent pedigree when it comes to dramatizing American history.

4. Seriously, Though, THAT CAST
You think it's just the stars who get named in the trailer who are impressive? Come on. Ron Livingston? David Harbour? James Badge Dale? Jackie Earle Haley? History comes alive? Honestly, though, this looks like a great platform for Harbour, who's been a great actor in small parts for just about ever.

5. Double Feature Material?
Seriously, pair this one with Lee Daniels' The Butler and bathe in star-studded history. While The Butler focuses on the people inside the halls of power, Parkland focuses on those outside. Could be a nice dual perspective.


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