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2 Things You Can Do to Be Ready to Get Tickets Tomorrow

On Monday at 11 am, tickets will go on sale to the general public. Here's how you can be ready to pounce on your tickets!

You probably already know that tickets go on sale tomorrow, but did you know you can prepare for that moment now? Here's what you can do now to be in optimal shape to try to get the tickets you're hoping for. 

Step 1: Make Your Wish List

Thousands of TFF 2014 Festivalgoers have already used our new Wish List feature to keep the showtimes and events they want organized and in one place. It's so easy to use - just click the "eyecon" at the top right of this page to quickly make your TFF account, and as you go through the Film Guide and the Event Guide, simply choose "Add to List" next to the showtime you want. 

When it comes time to purchase your tickets, you'll have them queued up in your Wish List, where you can purchase them one by one (after you purchase tickets for each film, a confirmation page will take you back to us to purchase the next film in your list. ) 

(Please keep in mind that the Wish List is a list of screenings you want to purchase, and that you won't have tickets reserved until you actually purchase them.)

See Wish List 101 for all the Wish List details!

Step 2: Make an Eventbrite account. 

This is a no-brainer for anyone who regularly buys tickets for events, air travel, etc, but you will speed up your ticket-buying process by a few full minutes if you go ahead and make your Eventbrite account now and allow it to save your credit card info, etc. So get to it!

While you're at it, why not download our app, where choosing films and ticket buying are easier than ever?  Good luck and see you at the Festival! 

The TFF presale for American Express® Card Members starts at 11 am on Tuesday, April 8, and ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday, April 13.


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