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The 10 Films From 2012 You Should Not Watch With Your Family Under Any Circumstances

For the year's end, we've asked Tribeca's staff to share their Top 10 Lists. Today,'s Editorial Director Lindsay Robertson shares movies to keep out of the family room this year.

10. Friends With Kids

Rated NP for No Parents because of a curious obsession with imaginative descriptions of female parts, and extended awkward trying-to-have-sex-and-failing scenes. (This will become a theme in this list.)

9. The Cabin in the Woods

Good luck trying to get through this one without pausing every sixty seconds for a Q&A session about exactly what is going on. If you accept the challenge, go ahead and write "I don't know, let's watch the movie and find out!" on a piece of paper to hold up instead.

8. Ted

Childhood memories: ruined forever.

7. Bachelorette

The strip club bathroom scene is more than enough for a spot on this list. But Kirsten Dunst's (also bathroom) sex scene seals the deal.

6. Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

See entry #8, Cabin in the Woods.

5. Magic Mike

Because, you know, the entire premise of the film, plus the possibility that your mom or grandma might say something about Channing Tatum's hotness out loud.

4. Wanderlust

Paul Rudd's psyching-himself-up-for-sex mirror moment may be one of the funniest scenes ever put to film, but it's not for extended family consumption. (But for real: the above is one of the funniest scenes of all time. Use headphones.)

3. The Sessions

It may be on a lot of Best-of-the-year lists, but for these purposes The Sessions is like an awkward silence generator. But you probably knew that, because, you know, the entire premise of the film.

2. That's My Boy

Possibly the first mainstream comedy in history that could feasibly be too gross for a fifteen-year-old boy. Resist the impulse to think the R rating is for language and nudity - this movie crosses lines that probably have never occurred to you and aren't in the trailer. This entire list was inspired by this movie. Beware! "Accidentally" break the DVD in half if you have to!

1. Hope Springs

Because the only thing worse than watching a sex movie with your parents is watching a sex movie with your parents that hits close to home.


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