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TFI Interactive Keynote Speaker Discusses the Science of Body Architecture in Fascinating Interview

During the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, Lucy McRae, a self-described "sci-fi artist" and "body architect," blew our minds in a keynote speech at TFI Interactive that went engrossingly in-depth on the awe-inspiring strides being made by McRae and her collaborators to understand and transform the human body amid the dawn of artificial sensitivity.

In a recent interview with COOL Magazine, McRae continues to discuss her highly-distinctive yet admirably wide-ranging efforts that interestingly blend dance, filmmaking, science, tech, and visual art to change the ways in which we think about basic physicality and human consciousness.

McRae's endeavors stretch far enough that she's currently envisioning new, lab-based ways of birthing in space, challenging our long-held conceptions of motherhood and calling into question our connections, reproductive and otherwise, to future generations, both on earth and beyond.

"It is...questioning the whole meaning of life," McRae says at the end of the interview, in no uncertain terms.

We believe her. And anyone who's truly willing to engage with this brilliant, visionary mind and her provocative and profound mission is likely to as well.

Read the interview here.