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Get Tickets to 4 TFF 2014 Films About Technology

Here are the tech-oriented features at this year's Festival.

We live in the most tech-obsessed age in history, so it's no surprise that one of the common themes bridging narratives and documentaries at TFF 2014 has been how technology affects our choices and relationships.


From the Oscar®-winning director of The Cove, 6 follows a group of activists using state-of-the-art equipment to shed new light on how mankind is effecting the planet. 

Love & Engineering

Engineer Atanas believes he's discovered the way to find true love - a sophisticated algorithm. He and his friends band together in this quirky documentary to test out their math on blind dates and see if there is indeed a more scientific way to finding "the one."

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

The birth and journey of the increasingly discussed virtual currency and its anonymous developer are uncovered in this vigorously researched documentary.

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Before there was WikiLeaks there was The Citizen's Commision to investigate the FBI and the organization's questionable surveillance protocol. 

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