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TFF 2014 Trailer of the Day: 'Super Duper Alice Cooper'Video description

TFF 2014 Trailer of the Day: 'Super Duper Alice Cooper'

Alice Cooper explains Alice Cooper in a new documentary.

I had that one second of 'What insanity are you in right now?'


Alice Cooper is known just as much for his controversial stage presence as he is for his music. The team that brought you TFF 2010 Audience Award Winner Rush: Behind the Lighted Stage now gives you the new documentary Super Duper Alice CooperThe legendary rocker reflects on his hands-on education in the rock n' roll lifestyle and separates the man from the character. 

Featuring archival footage, animation, and above all his iconic music, Super Duper Alice Cooper examines the man who still has the power to scare the hell out of your parents. 

Tickets for Super Duper Alice Cooper are still available for:
Thursday, April 17th 6:00 pm
Saturday, April 19th 10:00 pm
Sunday, April 20th 9:30 pm

Click here for tickets before they go!


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