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TFF 2014 Ticket/Pass Holders: Get to the Theater 30 Minutes Early

Presenting Festival FOMO: A Cautionary Tale

"Headed to #TFF2014!" the film lover Tweets, knowing his followers will instantly be so overwhelmed with FOMO that the rest of their night will be spent wondering where their lives went wrong. 

He looks up and smiles. He's finally arrived at the theater, 15 minutes early. 

Unfortunately, he's forgotten that he's at a film festival and not a regular night at the movies. He's forgotten that 15 minutes early is 15 minutes too late. "In my seat for the #TFF2014 film screening!" his friends are Tweeting from inside the theater. He is so overwhelmed with FOMO that he spends the rest of his night wondering where his life went wrong. 

He should have been there 30 minutes before screening time. 

Remember folks: We want you to see the films you've bought tickets to at TFF 2014, but you MUST be at the theater 30 minutes before the movie starts. Don't fall victim to Festival FOMO - remember the 30 minute rule. 


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