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Try Your Luck in the Rush Line!: Documentaries

TFF 2014 is a wonderland of non-fiction tales of government surveillance, art forgery, Bronies, ballet, political icons, sports, rock n' roll, Bitcoin and many, many more. Dig in here!

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Documentaries on RUSH:

Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank  

The indelible Barney Frank discusses his time in Washington as the first openly gay Congressman, and how it influenced his fight for the rights of all Americans. 

My Own Man  

David has never quite grown into his manhood, and as his son is born, he seeks out what it really means to be a man. 


Change the way you understand species endangerment and extinction with this film from Oscar-winning director Louie Psihoyos (The Cove). 


Exposure of government surveillance programs didn't start with Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. This documentary explores how the Citizens' Commission to Investigate the FBI changed American surveillance programs forever. 

All About Ann: Governor Richards of the Lone Star State  

See the late great first female governor of Texas, Ann Richards as you've never seen her before. From the high to the low, this documentary is a must for political junkies. 

Art and Craft

When is art forgery not a crime? The most successful art forger in America never sold his paintings for profit, but is it possible he never even knew he was painting them?

Ballet 422

Get an exclusive look at the private world of professional ballet as Justin Peck, choreographer at the New York City Ballet attempts to create the company's 422nd original piece. 

Battered Bastards of Baseball  

They were the team that wasn't supposed to succeed, but their spirit and determination changed the game forever, proving they were the baseball diamond in the rough. 

Beyond the Brick: A Lego Brickumentary  
Saturday, April 26th 1:00 pm

We've long known that kids aren't the only ones that love Legos, but this documentary explores the worldwide influence of those little bricks. 

Bjork: Biophilia Live

The music of iconic Icelandic singer Björk is paired with stunning images of science and nature, along with imaginative animation. 

A Brony Tale

This examination of the "Brony" subculture focuses on the men who are obsessed with the children's show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and others talk about the sport that has given them so much, and asked for much in return: boxing. 

Dior and I

The House of Dior has long been synonymous with style and class. Get a behind the scenes look at the brand Christian Dior built and how it's surging into tomorrow. 

Famous Nathan

New York classic, Famous Nathan's, has been feeding the masses for a century. Now, get to know the man behind that famous frank. 


Farmers have been a part of the American landscapes from the very beginning. Andrew Renzi's film examines the lives of some of the few remaining farmers through a realistic lens. 

Food Chains

Questions are raised about the food we eat, from the conditions of the animals to the treatment of workers, in this documentary executive produced by Eva Longoria. 

Garnet’s Gold  

After Garnet Frost nearly died on a Scottish hiking trip, he becomes obsessed with the idea that the wooden staff he found was the marker for an unimaginable hidden fortune. 

An Honest Liar

Magic? Or lies? The Amazing Randi sets out to stop the cheap tricks charlatans have stolen from magicians for their own designs. 


The iconic basketball player discusses his success and his influence on and off the court. 

Love & Engineering  
Tuesday, April 22nd 3:30 pm

Love meets science as these engineers try to find "the one" using strict algorithims and codes. 

Mala Mala

The trans community in Puerto Rico tells their stories as they fight for acceptance in the larger society. 



Sergio 'Maravilla' Martinez fights to regain the Middleweight title, taken from him amidst controversy in 2011. 


How will the world deal with overcrowding as space becomes limited and children are being born every moment? Three subjects express their views and add the human factor to an otherwise political debate. 

The Newburgh Sting

This film exposes information and testimonies that implicate the FBI in the case of the Newburgh Four, alleging that they specifically sought out poor Muslim communities to inspire acts of terrorism in otherwise peaceful citizens. 

The Overnighters 

When an oil well attracts all types to a small North Dakota town, a local pastor learns what it truly means to love thy neighbor.

Point and Shoot  
Wednesday, April 23rd 6:00 pm

From Academy Award®-nominated director Marshall Curry comes the incrdible life story of Matthew VanDyke, an introvert who put himself on the front lines of the Libyan revolution. 

Regarding Susan Sontag  

Director Nancy Kates weaves together archival footage and personal accounts to uncover the intimacies of one of the most influential feminist figures of the 20th century.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

This tech-focused documentary follows the birth and journey of the intriguing virtual currency that is becoming more and more of a player in the global economy.

The Search for General Tso 

The favorite Chinese dish might have more American origins than what meets the plate. 


Oscar nominated director James Spione follows two of the eight Americans charged with espionage under the Obama Administration to examines ideas about whistleblowers and true democracy.  

Slaying the Badger  

In 1986, Greg LeMond became the first American to win the Tour de France. This documentary takes a deeper look into one of the most brutal, self-satisfying sports. 

Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon

Mike Myers highlights the Hollywood career of Shep Gordon, in all his contradictions. 

This Time Next Year  

After the devastation of 2012's Superstorm Sandy, communities in the tri-state area were faced with the immense task of rebuilding. This documentary follows the residents of Long Beach Island, New Jersey as they set out to prove they are stronger than the storm.

When the Garden Was Eden

Michael Rapaport tells the story of the team that made New Yorkers love basketball. Featuring such icons as Clyde Frazier, Phil Jackson, and others. 

Time is Illmatic

In 1994 hip-hop artist Nas released Illmatic, among the most poignant, celebrated albums of the genre. Artist and director One9 follows the journey of Illmatic in the making.

Tomorrow We Disappear

The Indian folk artists in Delhi are fighting for their right to keep alive tradition in a quickly changing landscape. 

True Son

While most kids his age were looking for post-grad employment, Michael Tubbs was running for city council in Stockton, California. Faced with an economic crisis and rising crime rates, Tubbs saw promise in his city. 

Untitled James Brown Documentary

This work in progress is the definitive documentary on Soul Brother Number One, featuring the man behind the music that changed the world forever. 


The story of how a handful of park rangers and journalists are fighting for the saftey of the endangered gorillas in Virunga National Park. 

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