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TFF 2013 Trailer of the Day: ‘The English Teacher’

Academy-award nominee Julianne Moore stars in ‘The English Teacher,’ a TFF 2013 favorite that opens today in Los Angeles.

Established television director Craig Zisk ("Scrubs," "Alias," "Weeds," "Nurse Jackie") makes his feature film debut with the hilarious high school comedy, The English Teacher. Penned by Dan and Stacy Chariton, the film follows plucky yet repressed schoolteacher Linda Sinclair (Julianne Moore in rare form) as she struggles to inspire her students. With no personal life to speak of, Linda is drawn to her former star pupil (Michael Angarano), who returns home after failing as a playwright in NYC.

Vowing to put on his play as the high school’s annual show, Sinclair commandeers the drama and soon, her life is turned upside down with added pressures, teacher politics and an unlikely romance (or two!). Featuring a strong supporting cast of Greg Kinnear, Nathan Lane and Lily Collins, The English Teacher is available to rent on both VOD and digital platforms. If you live on the west coast, the film opens today at in LA at both the Sundance Sunset Theater and the Laemmle Playhouse.


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