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TFF 2013 Trailer of the Day: ‘How to Make Money Selling Drugs’

Featuring interviews with Susan Sarandon, Russell Simmons and David Simon ('The Wire'), this riveting documentary offers a shockingly candid look into the world of drug dealing and drug enforcement in America.

Written and directed by Matthew Cooke and produced by Bert Marcus and Entourage’s Adrian Grenier, How to Make Money Selling Drugs is a captivating documentary that takes a hard-hitting look at the war on drugs from all sides.

Granted incredible access to street dealers, drug kingpins, DEA agents, politicians, Matthew Cooke is able to provide an in-depth look into  the struggles of government drug enforcement agencies  to adapt to the ever-changing challenges presented by the drug trade. His film raises compelling questions about public policy and the practicality of the continuing war on drugs. How to Make Money Selling Drugs comes out on VOD/digital platforms on June 18 and in select theaters on June 26. 


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