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Look For Commercials By These Four Filmmakers During Sunday's Superbowl

Best known for directing movies, these filmmakers are coming to a small screen near you on Sunday. Here's a preview of their tiny cinematic masterpieces.

The Super Bowl is famous for its funny, innovative, and heart-warming commercials; some even watch the event just for the five minute breaks in between plays (myself, included). Many of these commercials have budgets that exceed those of independent films in an effort to shock, amaze, and of course, sell. 

In the hands of these filmmakers, however, it's almost easy to forget that you're watching a commercial. 

“The Truth” (Kia) Directed by Carl Erik Rinsch and Colin Jeffery, Ad agency: David & Goliath

Who can resist a good Matrix parody? Sure, it's super cool that Laurence Fishbourne is reprising his iconic role, but even cooler is the fact that this commercial is directed by Carl Rinsch. Rinsch (Lovely Weather for Rain) also directed the recent 47 Ronin, showing he has an affinity for neo-martial arts films (pun intended). His commercials typically feature a particularly inspiring technological component

“British Villain Rendez-vous” (Jaguar) Directed by Tom Hooper, Ad agency: Spark 44

This commercial has already been getting a lot of attention because of its use of Britain's sexiest villains. Director Tom Hooper (The King's SpeechLes Misérables) has ventured into commercials before, most notably in this tv spot for Captain Morgan. He certainly knows how to capture that certain brand of cool. 

“Body Builder” (GoDaddy) Directed by Bryan Buckley

Years ago, TFF 2012 alum and Oscar-nominated director, Bryan Buckley (ASAD) created a series of film-inspired ads for French TV service provider, Orange. Last year, he made us smile with one of the funniest comediennes, and this time, he features female athlete Danica Patrick in a hilarious new commercial. 

“Slow Clap” (Carmax) Directed by Harold Einstein and Ronnie Koff, Ad agency: Silver + Partners

Harold Einstein (Eulogy for Jack), with his knack for creating off-beat comedic commercials, has teamed up with title designer Ronnie Koff (Fun With Dick and Jane) for this subtle tribute to Rudy. They've even created a puppy version; keep your eyes open for puppy Sean Astin at 0:32! 


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