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Will You Take The Summer Indie Movie Challenge?

This summer, you can support 4 great indie filmmakers and their works, all while working towards a great reward of your own!

Tired of overstuffed blockbusters? Bloated running times? Overblown special effects? Just can’t stomach the sight of another spandex-clad superhero? Sounds like you’re ready to take the Summer Indie Movie Challenge.

When a group of indie filmmakers come together, they can start a movement. Directors Megan Griffiths (Lucky Them, TFF 2014), Gillian Robespierre (Obvious Child), Michael Tully (Ping Pong Summer) and Kat Candler (Hellion) realized that their films will be hitting theaters, VOD and digital platforms in just weeks of each other.  Struck by the potential for synergy and drawing on inspiration from their peers, they launched the Summer Indie Movie Challenge to encourage as many viewers as possible to enjoy indie cinema at its best.

It’s easy to participate. First , you must watch all four films (which will be a treat!): Lucky Them, Obvious Child, Ping Pong Summer and Hellion. Make sure to post a photo to Twitter or Facebook of each of your ticket stubs or photos of each of your VOD rental receipts. You do not have to post your photos all at once! You can post them over the course of a few weeks, and remember to use the hashtag #summerindiemoviechallenge to spread the word. By July 31, you must email the photos of your posts from either Facebook or Twitter, along with your mailing address, to

In addition to seeing great indie films, you may ask: “what’s in it for me?” By late summer/early fall, a small package of gifts from each film will be shipped directly to you! The rewards will be anything from signed pages of a working draft of a script with notes to posters to t-shirts or even ping pong balls! Whatever the gift may be, you’ll also have the satisfaction of helping the indie film community and its artists.

Click here to learn more about the Summer Indie Movie Challenge and more about the individual movies and where/how you can watch them. 


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