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Summer Fridays: Sharks, Music Movies and Film Series Galore

In our inaugural edition of Summer Fridays, allow us to curate your weekend plans by offering a wonderful palette of screenings, concerts, live events, on-going film series and free movies.

Living in NYC can be daunting at times. Amid sky-high rents, the treachery of the subway, and long outer borough commutes, arranging for relaxation time even on the weekends can be daunting, especially in one of the cultural capitals of the world (that’s not a cliché—it’s a well known fact) where there are an almost overwhelming number of choices.

Let us make your life easier—at least as far as your weekend-planning process goes. In our new Summer Friday feature, we’ll narrow down a plethora of options by recommending NYC events, both film and non-film related, to enjoy on your upcoming weekend.

Because living in Gotham city is not cheap and many of you are on a budget, our intern Freddie will offer his two-cents on the best free activities happening in the city each weekend.

Friday, June 7:

MoMi at 7:00PM
Ticket: Free with price of museum admission

Directed by Jem Cohen, this documentary follows the life of the band Fugazi over the span of eleven years—from 1987 to 1998. With concert footage, interviews and audience reactions, the film is an incredibly intimate portrayal of the hardcore band. Guitarist/vocalist Guy Picciotto will attend in person for a live performance after the screening.

First Frightdays Presents Surveillance
Videology at 7:00PM
Ticket: Free

The first Friday of every month at Videology is dedicated to bringing you the best and worst of the horror genre. Kicking off June is Surveillance, written and directed by Jennifer Cambers Lynch and starring Bill Pullman and Julia Ormand. It’s been described as the “Rashomon of the 21st Century.” Doesn’t that peak your interest?

Bad Movie Night - Jaws: The Revenge
92YTribeca at 8:00PM
Ticket: $12

The boys of the beloved podcast The Flop House are back for one last round at 92YTribeca before the downtown institute closes its doors later this month. There’s no better way to welcome in summer than with booze and colorful commentary as you watch Michael Caine’s remains being chewed by a shark.

Saturday, June 8:

The Sound of Silent Film Festival
Anthology Film Archives at 7PM
Ticket: $30 at door, $20 online, $10 students & seniors

See the amazing silent shorts of such filmmakers as Martin Scorsese, Gus Van Sant, and Alexander Payne shown with live music. Native New Yorker, the TFF 2006 prizewinner for Best Documentary Short, will also be screened.

Better than Jaws Weekend: The Last Shark
Spectacle at 12:00AM
Ticket: $5

Jaws is one of the few films having the distinction of spawning a whole sub-genre of movies pitting man against a ferocious natural enemy. Enzo G. Castellari’s The Last Shark is so similar to Jaws that it was pulled out of theaters and slapped with a lawsuit from Universal Pictures. Starring Vic Morrow and one terrifying animatronic shark, the film has been unavailable on video in the U.S for decades. 

True Romance
Landmark Cinema at 12:00AM
Ticket: $10

“If you gave me a million years to ponder, I would never have guessed that true romance and Detroit would ever go together.” If you haven’t seen True Romance on the big screen, just do it already. Written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott, the film follows two young lovers (Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette) as they flee across country with an accidentally stolen suitcase full of drugs pursued by both sides of the law.

Sunday, June 9:

Park Slope Dog Dash
Park Slope Brooklyn at 11:45AM-2PM
Ticket: $20

Love your dog? Participate in a family (and dog) friendly scavenger in Park Slope Brooklyn to benefit Foster Dogs NYC. Learn about fostering an animal and donate to this great local organization.

Ben Kenney (of Incubus)
Bellhouse at 8:30PM (Doors at 7:30PM)
Ticket: $15

The bassist for the famed band Incubus is back on the east coast to perform solo. For a preview of what’s to come, you can download his music from his official website.

TV Night
Videology at 9PM
Ticket: Free

The gang at Videology curates their favorite television shows for their beloved patrons. Check their facebook page for the complete line-up.

Freddie's Free Pick 3:

Doin' It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball
Free Outdoor Screening
The Monsignor Kett Playground
Friday, June 7 at 9PM

First of all, who doesn’t love an outdoor screening in the summer. Second, as a red blooded NYC male, basketball is something I always wish I was good at. I am more of the stand in the corner pleading not to get a pass type of player. This movie is a very cool, grass roots exploration of the true Mecca of basketball and highlights everyday players like you and me. Definitely worth a look.

You Can Do Stand-Up
Gotham Comedy Club
Sunday, June 9 at 12:30PM

I am not funny. I wish I was and I try so hard to be, but it just never seems to work out. For the rest of you non-funny people out there (odds are even if you think you are, you aren’t), what better chance to learn for free than with The Manhattan Comedy School at the Gotham Comedy Club. You get to practice routines and learn from pros at the cost of listening to a few bad jokes. ‘Nuff said.

3) Park Slope Dog Dash
Park Slope Brooklyn
Sunday, June 9 at 11:45AM

Now, this is cheating a bit because the event is not free. It requires a $20 donation, but that money goes straight to little puppies in Brooklyn. Plus you get free drinks and other fun treats (pun totally intended) along the way through the hunt. AND if you have a dog, you don’t have to burn a favor or pay a dog walker.

If you have any suggestions, recommendations, or comments, feel free to send them to

On-Going Film Series:

Harris Savides: Visual Poet at Moma
The entire film community mourned when famed cinematographer Harris Savides (The Bling Ring, Milk, Zodiac) passed away last year. The aptly named series kicks off this Friday with Noah Bambauch’s Greenberg, which earned Savides an Independent Spirit nomination for Best Cinematography.

Films screening this weekend include: Somewhere, The Yards, Milk

Russian Cinema Now at BAM
Experience Russia through a cinematic lense. Presented by BAMcinametek and TransCultural Express, this program is a celebration of the best contemporary documentary and narrative films from Russia. Petter Ringbom and John Forté’s Russian Winter (TFF 2012) will open the series.

Films screening this weekend include: My Joy, In the Fog, Kokoko

OZU at Film Forum
A nearly month long series dedicated to Yasujiro Ozu, one of Japan’s most influential filmmakers, opens this weekend with a special screening of Late Spring. Presented with support from the Japan Foundation, this wonderful series allows you to experience the legendary works of this auteur on the big screen.

Films screening this weekend include: I Was Born, But…, Days of Youth, Floating Weeds

Open Roads: New Italian Cinema at Film Society Lincoln Center
Film Society’s annual celebration to modern Italian cinema is back for its 12th year. This showcase highlights a fresh crop of new films from established Italian filmmakers and emerging talent.

Films screening this weekend include: Handmade Cinema, The Discovery at Dawn, It Was the Son, Pretty Butterflies

Play the Movie Loud! at MoMI
Head to the Museum of the Moving Image and catch the final weekend of their month-long tribute to the art of the music film. The series ends Sunday with Lars Von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark, which features an unforgettable performance by Bjork.

Films screening this weekend include: True Stories, Stop Making Sense



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