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Summer Fridays: ‘The Godfather,’ Tomato Battle NYC and Treasures from the Warner Brothers’ Vault

Yes, it’s going to be a scorcher this weekend. However, we’ve got some great suggestions that will keep you cool as temperatures rise.

Still keeping cool despite this week’s heat wave? If you are ready to separate briefly from you A/C unit, you can attend any number of movies, events, open mic nights, and film series going on in the city and its outer boroughs this weekend. Once again, our intern Freddie is back with more free activity options that will provide even more motivation for you to leave your apartment.

Friday July 19th

The Inspired Word Presents Titillating Tongues: NYC Erotica in Poetry and Prose
Le Poisson Rouge at 7:00PM
Ticket: $10

Hosted by poet Aimee Herman, this monthly open-mike night allows established and emerging poets, authors and spoken-word artists to bring their sensual best to the stage. If you’re feeling saucy, you can reserve a six-minute slot online or sign up in person at 7pm.

Rooftop Films Presents: i hate myself :)

Industry City at 8:00PM
Ticket: $13

Feeling low? You’re not alone. Fearless filmmaker Joanna Arnow turns the camera on herself to document her own battle with depression, sharing personal interviews and her various social media accounts. As a dissatisfied twenty-something Brooklynite struggling with various relationships and with finding her place in the world, Arnow films herself as she explores her feelings of despair and pain   with raw honesty and discovers truths about herself.

Rubin Museum of Art at 9:30 PM
Ticket: FREE ($7 bar tab minimum)

Love Django Unchained? See the original 1966 film that inspired Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar-winner as part of the Rubin’s Cabaret Cinema. If you think Jamie Foxx was a badass, check out Italian superstar Franco Nero in the title role.

Saturday July 20th

Tomato Battle NYC
Aviator Sports & Events Center at 12:00 PM
Ticket: $49.99

5,000 fruit-chucking fanatics gather at the Tomato Battle for an afternoon of dancing and boozing while flinging 300,000 pounds of roma tomatoes at one another. Complete with costume contest, a DJ and more, this event offers a ketchup-covered fray that marries the traditions of Spain’s La Tomatina tomato-throwing festival and Germany’s Oktoberfest. If you don’t have a car, there is a $10 shuttle bus to take you there from the subway, but you must register online first.

NYC Craft Beer Festival
Webster Hall 1:00 PM or 6:00 PM
Ticket: $115-$135

Are you a beer connoisseur? If so, chances are you already have your ticket for the NYC Craft Beer. Each attendee will be given a tasting glass and have the opportunity to quaff  2 oz tastings of approximately 150 craft beers from all over the country. If you’re hungry, there will be food vendors on site, as well as a selection of retail vendors (in case you spill).

Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant
Kings County Bar at 5PM
Ticket: FREE

Hey, life’s too short to take seriously right? Organizers of this event invite audiences to  "come squint at the action" as disappointingly endowed men compete for “top honors” at this celebration of the borough's most miniature member. The winner (we use that term loosely) will win a cash donation to the charity of his choice. According to the rulebook, the winner will also be able to nominate himself as the recipient.

Sunday July 21st

The Godfather/The Godfather Part II
BAM Cinema at 4:00PM
Ticket: $20

“I believe in America.” If you haven’t seen these mob masterworks from Francis Ford Coppola, you officially have no excuses left. See these Academy-award winning films again (or for the first time) on the big screen at the beautiful BAM Harvey theater.

Paris, Texas
Museum of the Moving Image at 7:00PM
Ticket: Free (with price of museum admission)

Harry Dean Stanton and Nastassja Kinski star in Paris, Texas, Wim Wenders’s heartbreaking film about a mute drifter who travels across America to reunite with his runaway wife and young son before it’s too late. With breathtaking photography by Robby Müller, this film renders the beauty of the heartlands in a unique and haunting way.

An Injury to One
Spectacle Theater at 10:00 PM
Ticket: $5

Are you a history buff? The Spectacle Theater is hosting a special screening of this riveting documentary, which focuses on a pinnacle moment in 20th century American labor history: the rise and fall of the union movement in Butte, Montana. The documentary specifically explores the mysterious death of Wobbly organizer Frank Little, whose story became infamous in the state.

Freddie’s Free Pick Three

City of Water Day

So this weekend NYC is trying to make us forget the unbearable heat and dwindling green space through its “City of Water Day.” Yeah the name is cheesy and it reeks of PR, but that being said, it’s a day full of ridiculous activities that will get you wet. It’s gonna be a hot weekend so if you can’t get out of the city, why not explore your wet and wild side?

Samba Sunday

Brazil Sumerfest starts this weekend!! Woohoo!! While this will have little to no impact on most of your lives, it does present you with a very fun alternative to grilling in a City park on Sunday afternoon. Starting at 2PM at the South Street Seaport and heading well into the night, you can get your freak on Samba style. There won’t be any teachers or lessons, but you can watch the Harlem Samba group do their thing and try your best to replicate their sinuous moves. Plus after the live music, two Brazilian DJ’s take the stage to keep the crowd moving.

Bullshit History

Sorry, when I saw the name of the venue, I just had to. While it’s not my bar, it can be yours for a night (see what I did there). Bullshit history is yet another open mic night I am pushing on you folks, but again this one has a very cool twist: history. It’s your job to spin a tale about a day in history. The audience will pick the best yarn in this half improv, quarter knowledge, and really 100% bullshit event. There are funny people amongst us who make this event hilarious and worth the trip.

As always, please feel free to send recommendations or comments to

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