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Summer Fridays: Movies, Pogopalooza and Free Ice Cream

Spend this last weekend in July catching up on some great repertory cinema and dancing the nights away.

New York City is slowly cooling off after last week’s heat wave and we’re celebrating by offering up some great weekend activities for you to choose among, most of which are free, thanks to our faithful intern Freddie. You and your wallet will be thanking us later. So whether you want to watch classic films on the big screen or experience some of NYC’s unique nightlife, we’ve got you covered. 

Friday, July 26:

Ben & Jerry’s NYC Flavor Tasting
Pier 57 from 5PM-7PM
Cost: FREE

Join everyone’s favorite duo, Ben and Jerry, down at Pier 57 for a Pop-Up tasting party. Chock full of NYC ingredients as voted on by ice cream lovers everywhere, B & J’s Gotham-inspired treats will be officially unveiled at this delicious event.  For those of you who crave seconds, the truck will be at War Memorial Park in Yonkers on Saturday from 10AM-1PM for a special community clean-up project with free lunch and ice cream provided!

Strong Female Lead Presents: Untamed Heart
Videology at 8:30PM
Cost: FREE

God Bless Marisa Tomei.  In this romantic classic, the eventual Oscar winner plays Caroline, a waitress who’s struggling to get by and meet the man of her dreams. Though her Minnesotan accent borders on the ridiculous (“magic records and a baboon heart?), Tomei charms audiences as she decides to take a chance on Adam (a vulnerable Christian Slater), a shy bus boy with a heart defect who has loved her from afar. Just make sure to bring some hankies. The third act is a doozy. Bonus: Baboon heart keepsakes to the first 20 people!

Head On: Punk Vs Glam
Bell House BK at 11:00PM
Cost: FREE

This monthly dance party features a head to head battle for supremacy between different musical styles. Two DJs will be spinning alternative tracks ranging from The Clash and The Ramones to Queen and David Bowie. So whatever type of music you prefer, get ready to dance your tails off.  Your moves and spirit will determine which DJ prevails.

Saturday, July 27:

MOMI at 2:00PM
Ticket: FREE with cost of museum admission

Screening in DCP as part of MOMI’s See it Big! The American Epic series, Nashville is one of Robert Altman’s most accomplished films. This nearly three-hour southern epic chronicles the lives of 24 people as music and politics collide in one of America’s most famous cities in 1975. Featuring memorable original songs performed by the actors themselves and one hell of an ending, Nashville is a film that every film buff should see  at least once on the big screen.

A Burlesque Review: “Postcards from Bikini Bottom” Starring The Pink Chardonnays
Le Poisson Rouge at 8:00PM
Ticket: $15-$30

Hosted by Sweetie and featuring the famed burlesque group The Pink Chardonnays and friends, this event offers all the glitz, glam and laughter of this risqué craft. Filled with sexy routines and humor, burlesque delights and titillates (in a PG-13 way, we promise) audiences at the same time. Don’t be afraid to break out of the norm and experience art in all its forms. 

Annie Hall
Landmark Cinema at 11:59AM
Ticket: $10

After you see Blue Jasmine this weekend, revisit Annie Hall, the crown jewel of Woody Allen’s varied filmography, at this special midnight showing. Allen plays Alvy Singer, a neurotic New York comedian who falls in and out of love with the spacy Annie Hall (a luminous Diane Keaton). Allen and Keaton are both at the top of their game, delivering clever rapid-fire banter in this hilarious and heartbreaking NYC classic.

Sunday, July 28:

July Brunch: Fantasy Fables: Return to Oz
Nitehawk Cinema at 11:45AM
Ticket: $11

Skip eating Wheaties at home in your pjs and head to Williamsburg to explore strange cinematic worlds filled with unique creatures and other fantastical elements. Walter Murch’s Return to Oz is the twisted Wizard of Oz sequel that is oddly still intended for children. The film starts off as Dorothy (played by Fairuza Balk) sits in a mental institution where she is placed because no one believes her stories of Oz to be true. Once she returns to the magical land, Dorothy and her new friends must fight to return Oz to its former glory. 

Pogopalooza 10: The Largest Pogo Stick Event on the Planet
Union Square at 1:00PM
Cost: FREE

When’s the last time you hopped on a pogo stick? Pro Xpogo Athletes annually travel to NYC  to complete in the World Championships of Pogopalooza in which contestants complete in three major disciplines—Big Air, Best Trick and High Jump— to win titles and prizes galore. Make sure to get to Union Square early to secure the best vantage point for this hopping event.

Where the Wild Thing Are
MoMA at 2:30PM
Cost: FREE with price of museum admission

Based on Maurice Sendak's classic children’s book, this film by director Spike Jonze provides its own unique spin on the story of a rambunctious little boy named Max who is sent to bed early as a punishment for his misbehavior. Fed up with his mother’s rules, Max dreams about a far-away land of monsters, where he can reign as King and do what whatever he wants. Of course, it’s much more complicated than that.

Freddie Free Picks 3: 

Long Cook: A Breaking Bad Marathon

It's official. With its final episodes almost upon us, "Breaking Bad" Mania has officially taken over NYC. In honor of this truly outstanding television phenomenon, FilmLinc is offering a completely free marathon of the show. Everyday starting tonight through Tuesday they will show an entire season of the show from start to finish. This is something any die hard fan or someone who wants to see what the fuss is about should not miss. Plus one lucky attendant will win two tickets to an advanced screening of the first episode of last eight.

Gotham BBC

This is so cool. Come out and support New York's own Gotham Baseball club, a group of baseball fanatics who play the game the right way, this Saturday at noon on Governors Island. These days you don't who knows who's juicing, but at least they play it by the book...the 1864 rulebook that is. From the dimensions down to the outfits, everything is authentic. Come out and watch them take on the NY Mutuals BBC at Governors island.

Shakespeare in the Parking Lot: Cymbeline

This Saturday is also the final showing of the Drilling Company's Cymbeline, part of their free annual Shakespeare in the Parking Lot. I actually had no idea this existed until I happened to notice something weird going on in the parking lot across from a friend's terrace. The crowd couldn't stop laughing and even I was impressed by the absurdity of it all. However, don't let me fool you, this is a professional production with the perks of a laid back atmosphere, free admission, and the cool summer's air.

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