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Summer Fridays: ‘Evil Dead II’, Vidding and ‘Star Wars’ Night in Brooklyn

Don’t let the ominous skies put a damper on your weekend plans!

As we exit this second week of August, there are still plenty of events to spice up your weekend. Experience classics like Evil Dead II, Planet of the Apes, On the Town and more on the big screen. Celebrate the magic of surfing by taking in another performance of Point Break Live. If the weather permits, get out of doors for at least part of the weekend by attending a street festival or two with your family and friends.

Also, this is our intern Freddie’s final Summer Fridays before he heads back to school. We hope you’ve enjoyed his recommendations as much as we have, and let’s all wish him the best!

Friday August 9th

Remix Before YouTube: A Presentation by Francesca Coppa
MoMI at 6:30 PM
Cost: FREE

Have you heard of Vidding? Professor Francesca Coppa will take a look at this important phenomenon that is the forerunner of the modern remix. Coppa will also discuss the tools and distribution systems that existed long before the YouTube age. 

Brooklyn Cyclones: Star Wars Night & Family Sleepover
MCU Park (Cooney Island) at 7:00 PM
Cost: $20

Who says Star Wars fans and baseball enthusiasts can’t get along? Come celebrate everyone’s favorite galaxy from far, far away with Brooklyn’s very own baseball team. For only $20, you’ll get a seat, a t-shirt and a chance to sleep under the stars (haha). Oh, and numerous photo ops with your favorite Star Wars characters.

A place both wonderful and strange: FIRE WALK WITH ME: RESOUNDTRACKED LIVE
Videology at 7:00PM
Cost: FREE

Journey into the life (and nightmares) of Laura Palmer in David Lynch’s wonderful and strange Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. A former member of the Silent Drape Runners, Russ Marshalek brings his widely praised Twin Peaks re-soundtracking and applies it to this Lynchian classic. Experience the film like never before as Badalamenti’s original score is removed and replaced with reconstructions and songs both familiar and achingly strange. You’ve never seen Fire Walk With like this before.

Saturday August 10th

On the Town
Film Society at 2:00PM
Cost: $6

Shot on location in NYC, this classic MGM musical stars Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Jules Munshin as three sailors who take full advantage of their 24 hour leave (finding love along the way) in the city that never sleeps. This classic is full of iconic songs and images, and Ann Miller’s ‘Prehistoric Man’ on the big screen is not to be missed.

Evil Dead II
Film Forum at 9:40PM
Cost: $12.50

Don’t waste your opportunity to see Sam Raimi’s culture classic on the big screen in 35 mm. A re-telling of the original film, Evil Dead II finds Bruce Campbell’s Ash once again  fighting an ancient evil after his companions and his darling girlfriend, Linda, are turned into Deadites. Armed with a shotgun and chainsaw, Ash bucks the odds once again. Groovy.

Point Break Live
Webster Hall at 8:00PM
Cost: $26

We highlighted this last week, but it’s honestly just THAT good. This parody of the 90s extreme action blockbuster is back in Brooklyn bringing audiences a fully interactive experience centered around FBI agent Johnny Utah’s infiltration of the LA surf community to capture a gang of bank robbers dubbed “The Ex-Presidents.” Forgive our enthusiasm, but we live only to get radical.

Sunday August 11th

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival
Flushing Medows Park from 10 AM-4 PM
Cost: FREE

Looking for something to do with the whole family? 120 Dragon Boat teams from across the country gather in Queens to complete for cash, trophies and other prizes. Completing the festivities are traditional Chinese food vendors and live performances. Beyond that, the festival showcases some of the best multicultural artists in New York, including the Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks demonstrating Kung Fu and other performers who will perform traditional music and dance from China, Mexico and Peru.

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
Film Society at 3:00PM
Cost: $13

Only Bette Davis returned for the sequel to the wildly successful What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, presumably because Joan Crawford was taken out of the movie. Taking Crawford’s place is Olivia de Havilland who dominates the film in the role of Miriam, a crazy who re-enters Baby Jane Hudson’s life after a mysterious absence.

Planet of the Apes and Fantastic Voyage
Film Forum at 1:10 PM or 5:20 PM
Cost: $12.50

Catch a two for one special at Film Forum with two staples of 1960’s American Sci-Fi. We all know Planet of the Apes from the Marky Mark version or its sister, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, staring Franco the Magnificent. But have you seen the original? 

Fantastic Voyage is even weirder and, well, fantastic! It’s 1995 and five teeny-weeny people – including Stephen (Ben Hur) Boyd, nasty Donald Pleasence, and Raquel Welch in form-fitting diving suit – are injected into a dying scientist’s bloodstream. “A visual delight in the psychedelic tradition” (Phil Hardy) with sets approved by the American Medical Association!

Freddie’s Free Pick Three

So this is the last Freddie’s Free Pick Three of the summer. For those who went to any of the events, I hope you had as much fun going as I did searching them out for you. For those who just read my suggestions for kicks, thanks for humoring me. And for those who thought “god he is so annoying,” thanks for not writing any angry letters to Tribeca. But seriously, thank you all for reading and splurge a bit the next couple weeks; you’ve earned it.

ABSOLUT Lunch Break
Friday at 1PM

New York loves party brunch. It’s officially taking over. What hasn’t so much yet is the party lunch…during the workweek. WELL have I got news for you. Absolut Vodka and Flavorwire are throwing a lunch hour party from 1-2 PM this Friday. They do it every Friday at a location sent out the day of. If you google it, you get a dark page where you can kinda make out some details, but the link above connects you to the e-mail list (thanks to: “J” Marks the Spot). Live a little! Before you know it, you could have children.

Gemini and Scorpio 10th Anniversary Weekend: Steam Punk
Friday at 6:30PM

The whole weekend isn’t free, but the first event is. Gemini and Scorpio run New York’s second largest non-commercial NYC events list, but beyond that, they also host some outrageous parties. They pick a theme, everyone wears a costume, and then it just gets weird. But hey, what’s living without a few “this can’t be real” life moments? In honor of 10 years, they are throwing a series of crazy, vintage G and S soirees, and, lucky enough, the first one is free. They are taking over Lincoln Center’s outdoor spaces with bands and circus acts. Come on…

New York Red Bull Viewing Party
Saturday at 7:00PM 

I know the MLS isn’t quite as awe inspiring as our other professional sports leagues, but at least they are still trying to win our support instead of devastating our wallets. This time they are taking over Brooklyn Bridge Park. There will be food stands (not free), organized rides to and from, and the perfect chance for a sports-style drive in. Tailgate WHILE you watch!!

And tha-tha-tha that’s all folks…


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