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Street Dreams Magazine Teams Up With

A special message from Street Dreams Magazine, Editor in Chief Eric Veloso

"Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending." ­​Jim Henson

When it comes to telling stories  today, we have endless ways to share every single detail of our day to day experience with the world around us. We communicate through status updates, tweets and instagram posts that connect us with one another on a daily basis.Whether it be crafting images from objects found or the meticulous detail orientated process of setting up a shot, they're all a part of our everyday experience. In turn, the unique digital environment in which we live in makes us all directors on the set of our lives sharing the moments which make up the story of our own personal journey.

With that said, we'd like to introduce you to the Street Dreams Magazine team. Based out of Vancouver, Canada and New York City, Street Dreams is a full service content creation studio that began as a quarterly photography publication in 2014. Through its unique minimalistic canvas of curated images, spanning print and social media, Street Dreams Magazine has emerged as one of the fastest growing networks on Instagram—surpassing 3 million users in the year since its inception. With an editorial production team made up of established working professionals with diverse backgrounds in art, design, publishing and photography, our goal is to build community through innovation, collaboration and social integration.

We're extremely honored to be participating in the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, as we've been given the opportunity to share our collective perspectives through a curated collection of images and moving pictures. Follow along with us across multiple social platforms, as we document the festival, everything from opening night red carpet to the Mary J. Blige performance at the Beacon ! We'll be giving you an insiders look through the eyes of the festival participants on every level. Whether it be an avid film fan, a long time festival employee or a filmmaker living out their red carpet dreams, join us for this incredible journey as we celebrate #TRIBECATOGETHER through the power of connection and collaboration.

Stay tuned, because the show's just about to start! 

Meet the Street Dreams x Tribeca Team below!

Steven Irby // @stevesweatpants

Steven is a Brooklyn native raised in Queens. He is the co­founder and editor­at­large of Street Dreams Magazine and has a penchant for making people laugh. When he shares a post, he blesses the instagram community with a unique musing on life ­ which may just be a rebuttal to your recent interaction. Steve picked up a camera 3 years ago and alternates between film digital and iPhone photography. 

                                                    Eric Veloso // @ericveloso

He may be the editor­in­chief for a magazine called Street Dreams, but Eric Veloso’s skills are far from unreality. Every farfetched expedition in the name of his craft, every photographic hustle, every vision materialized, it’s all pure reality. He began chasing harsh light in Vancouver and now he’s living his asphalt dreams around the globe. Exploration vibes on full, Eric Veloso is on the rise.

 Dave Krugman // @dave.krugman

Dave Krugman is a photographer who builds and fosters social communities as the Social Editor at BBDO New York. He's worked with cultural institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, and the New York Public Library. Dave has been profiled in The New York Times and TIMELightbox. Originally from Boston, Dave has been rising in Bushwick, Brooklyn since 2011. You can find more about him and his work at d​

Jerm Cohen // @jerm_cohen

Jerm Cohen is a social media content creator specializing in portraiture and an avid emoji aficionado. His work reflects his personality though its vibrant and playful style. Jerm graduated from The School of Visual Arts in 2014 and now lives, works, and eats pizza in Brooklyn.

Sean Dougherty // @seandshoots

From growing up and moving city to city Sean D learned that you've got to capture your plot while it's still relevant. That's where his passion derived from and snowballed ­ now waking up and chasing his dreams is all he really knows. The finish line is only a bonus. The path you take is what really matters.

Ryan Parilla // @novess

Ryan Parrilla, has been proclaimed as a photo prodigy. Hailing from New York City, 16 year old Ryan has been dedicating his spare time to uncover everything his surroundings have to offer ever since he picked up a camera. Even at such a young age, he has been featured in publications across the globe, and has amassed a large following on social media.

Raheim Simon // @black_soap

Raheim was born and raised in the Bronx. A graphic design major, he downloaded Instagram right when he began seeing the photos on his Twitter feed. As he developed an eye for the photos he was looking for, his style came into play. A household name in the Instagram community, Soap aims to consistently put out strong work that gives a powerful sense of emotion, and to put the community first by helping other photographers grow. He has previously worked with Nike, TNT and Adult Swim, among other projects.

Giovanni Elao // @insighting

Gio was raised in the Bronx. He graduated from John Jay College with a Criminal Justice Degree. In the winter of 2013, he came across his new found passion of photography and became one of the pioneered featured artists of Street Dreams Magazine. He is currently part of the Visual Marketing Team for Street Dreams Visual Agency and a part­time photographer. Portrait by @7thkind

Karl Pierre // @visualsbypierre

Karl Pierre is a New York City native content creator specializing in the visual mediums of photography and filmmaking. He finds inspiration in all things including fashion, travel and spirituality.

Joe Cavallini // @joecav_

JoeCav is a cinematologist , content creator, explorer, and part time/chef with a passion for travel and inspiring others. He was born, raised and currently resides in New York City.

Jose Silva // @jnsilva

At the age of 13, Jose Silva moved with his family from Caracas, Venezuela to the Tri­State area, where he still resides today. After graduating from Rutgers he spent close to two years working as a freelance event & studio photographer. To this day, Jose has worked with campaigns with many brands and institutions, including Sony, At&T, Beats by Dre,, New Balance, Cartoon Network, the American Museum of Natural History, and as a contributing aerial photographer for NY on AIR.

Jordan Sanchez // @frgmnt_

Jordan is a minimalistic, edifice obsessed 26 year old creative from Brooklyn, New York; that goes by the alias FRGMNT. He picked up his first camera at the age of 13 while out roaming the barrios of Merida, Yucatan and since then grew an obsession with capturing fragments of life. 


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