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9 War Movies to Stream This Weekend

Hooah! Here are some of the best war movies your favorite streaming services currently have to offer.

Coming to theaters this Friday, Fury takes its title from the tank in the movie, manned by a sargeant (Brad Pitt) and his five-man team. The crew aims to take the tank behind enemy lines to strike at the heart of the Nazi offensive. Taking place in the twilight hours of World War II, Fury is about heroics and heroes who overcome all odds.

Also opening this weekend is Camp X-ray, starring Kristen Stewart as Amy Cole, who is stationed at the detention center and told - in a shot evocative of Silence of the Lambs - not to get too close to the detainees. Cole, of course, does, and the film follows the complications that arise.

With these two different war movies coming out this weekend, we take a look at some of the best military narratives currently available to stream. 

Black Hawk Down
Directed by Ridley Scott
Watch on Netflix

Based on the failed military operation meant to quell local violence in East Africa, Black Hawk Down stars an impressive ensemble cast. The 2001 British-American co-production features performances from Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, Hugh Dancy, Orlando Bloom, and many others as the 75th Rangers deployed in battle against the Somali insurgents. 

Cold Mountain
Directed by Anthony Minghella
Watch on Netflix

Upending the trope of the woman who pines while her man is at war, Cold Mountain is a Civil War story about localized violence and the Homeguard, with Nicole Kidman in the starring role. Kidman is Ada, who, while waiting for Confederate solider Inman (Jude Law), labors in the small rural community of Cold Mountain.

Hannah Arendt
Directed by Margarethe Von Trotta
Watch on Netflix

Hannah Arendt caused a lot of uproar when she reported on the legal proceedings of senior Nazi official Adolf Eichmann and established her now infamous theory on the "banality of evil." Barbara Sukowa is appropriately austere as Arendt, who was criticized most strongly for her clinical detachment from an emotionally-charged trial. 

Hatfields and McCoys
Directed by Kevin Reynolds
Watch on Netflix

This History Channel mini-series tells the story of a post-Civil-War disagreement between two families that took a violent turn and became a war of its own. The Kentuckian McCoys came into conflict with the West-Virginian Hatfields after a returning McCoy soldier died at the hands of the local Homeguards. Invariably, the McCoys accused the Hatfields for the man's murder, leading to a feud that spanned decades and state lines.

We Were Soldiers
Directed by Randall Wallace
Watch on Netflix

Although it takes place during the Vietnam war, We Were Soldiers is the movie on this list most thematically like Fury with its study of war, the battlefield and masculinity. Mel Gibson plays Hal Moore, the retired Liutenant sent to Vietnam to train and lead a battalion to fend off the North Vietnamese army. 

Dirty Wars
Directed by Rick Rowley
Watch on Netflix

This Academy-Award nominated documentary tells the story of Jeremy Scahill's investigative reporting on the series of covert military operations commanded by the enigmatic US Joint Special Operations Committee. The documentary is based on Scahill's book, in which he poses that these unrestricted extra-executive military operations contruct the world as a battlefield. 

The Invisible War
Directed by Kirby Dick
Watch on Netflix

Unfortunately, it's not easy being a woman in the armed forces, as shown in this 2012 documentary from Kirby Dick about the epidemic of sexual assault in the US military. The Invisible War follows the lives of a few victims in the aftermath of their assault and looks into the neglectful mishandling of their cases. 

Directed by Edward Zwick
Watch on Amazon Prime

Daniel Craig plays one of three Jewish brothers who resistance in the woods after fleeing their Belarusian home to escape Nazi persecution. Based on the true story of the Bielzki brothers, Defiance is an inspiring, alternative Holocaust narrative.

Band of Brothers
Created by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks
Watch on Netflix

This miniseries produced for HBO is based on the non-fiction series by Stephen Ambrose. The series recreates the experiences of the "Easy Company" from the beginning to the end of the second World War. Each of the 10 episodes begins with one of the members of the company setting the scene before cutting away to the dramatization. 


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