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Stream These Projects From Your Favorite 'SNL' Stars

To celebrate the opening of 'The Skeleton Twins' in select theaters, here are some of our favorite projects by SNL graduates.

Veteran SNL cast members Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader have both seen their careers develop after their run as repertory players on the decades-old show, co-starring often in indie films like Adventureland and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The pair will be teaming up again for The Skeleton Twins, a family drama/comedy from the Duplass brothers about a set of siblings struggling with adulthood. Check out the trailer:

Wiig and Hader are only two of the many alumni to see successful careers after their SNL run. Notable examples include Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, both of whom have seen success with their primetime sitcoms. Here are some of our favorite projects that arose from this trend.

David Spade and Rob Schneider in Benchwarmers
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Directed by Dennis Dugan

David Spade and Rob Schneider (both of whom were on SNL in the early 90s) star in this sports-comedy from 2006 about a group of adults who end up competing in a children's baseball league. Also featured in this trio is John Heder, who you'll remember as Napoleon Dynamite from Napoleon Dynamite. 

Chris Rock in Boomerang
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Directed by Reginald Hudlin

Chris Rock, who'd had a prolific stand-up career after his three years on SNL, stars in an unlikely role as the lead in the romantic comedy Boomerang. Rock plays a callous, womanizing ad executive who meets his match in his boss at a new job.

Andy Samberg in Brooklyn 99
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With Brooklyn 99, Andy Samberg joins the likes of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who have both successfully headlined NBC sitcoms after their run on SNL. Samberg plays a reckless but ambitious young detective in a small fictional precinct in Brooklyn. 

Mike Myers in Wayne's World
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Another graduate from the early 90s era of SNL, Mike Myers is Wayne in Wayne's World, the rock music enthusiast who hosts a cable access show in his small town. Myer's performance in Wayne's World  kicked off his film career and established him as one of the most iconic comic actors of the decade. 

Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller in Zoolander
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Who can forget Will Ferrell as the scheming Mugatu in Zoolander, who cooks up an assassination plot to keep his fashion line's production costs low? Ferrell had a lengthy 7-year stay at SNL while his Zoolander costar Ben Stiller was a featured player for one season. 

Joan Cusack and Sarah Silverman in School of Rock
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Sarah Silverman was a featured player on SNL for a brief, forgettable year before seeing success with The Sarah Silverman Program. She has a supporting role along with fellow SNL-one-timer Joan Cusack in School of Rock.

Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore 
Watch on Netflix

Tragically, The Wedding Singer isn't available on Netflix, but Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore is pretty good, too. Sandler is Happy, who has to remploy his hockey skills to gallantly win a golf tournament and save his grandmother from eviction. 

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Tim Meadows, Ana Gasteyer in Mean Girls
Watch on Netflix
Directed by Mark Waters

The magnum opus of SNL graduates, Mean Girls was written by Tina Fey, who also stars as Ms. Norbury. Fey is joined by Amy Poehler as "cool mom" Mrs. George, Ana Gasteyer as Mrs. Heron, and Tim Meadows as Principal Duvall. 


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