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6 Nautical Movies to Stream for Free

With the success of 'Captain Phillips' last weekend (and another high-seas adventure film headed our way in the form of 'All is Lost'), here are some current free streaming options that take place on a boat. ('Open Water,' anyone?)

The Drama Option: The Poseidon Adventure
The quintissential disaster movie from 1972 about a luxury cruise liner capsized at sea and starring an absolute all-star cast: Gene Hackman, Shelley Winters, Roddy McDowall, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons. Don't judge this one by the 2000s remake either -- this is classic '70s action-adventure at work.

The Horror Option: Deep Blue Sea
Samuel L. Jackson is tired of all these m*therf*ckin' super-intelligent killer sharks on this m*therf*ckin' research ship!

The Romantic Option: Titanic
You might have heard of it. While Tom Hanks is busy fending off Somali pirates off the coast of Africa, feel free to remind youselves that there are more romantic ways to spend your time on a boat. Even when terrible things are happening!

The Indie Option: Open Water
This doubles as your second Horror Option of the week, but it's October, you owe it to yourself to get scared as often as possible. This micro-budgeted movie does a lot with what's unseen, as a married couple finds themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean, left behind by their scuba-diving excursion. As you might imagine, things get bad. Like, shark bad.

The Classic Option: The African Queen
It doesn't get more classic than Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn starring in a John Huston-directed film. All three got Oscar nominations in 1951, and Bogart won Best Actor. The film shows up on just about every AFI "Best Movies" list there is. And you haven't seen it?!?!?!

The Wild Card: Hook
Steven Spielberg's Peter Pan adaptation has been bounced around and bruised ever since its 1991 release, but there are so many facinating aspects to this film, from its all-star casting choices (Robin Williams as Pan; Dustin Hoffman as Hook; Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell; Maggie Smith as Granny Wendy) to its Little-Rascals depiction of the Lost Boys. The intresting this is, a whole generation of kids grew up watching this one, and they're now in a position to evaluate it via a more discerning eye. Could be an interesting lesson in perspective.


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