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Stream These 6 Beach Movies

In anticipation of this weekend's theatrical release of Tribeca Film title 'Very Good Girls,' here are 6 beach movies you can stream right now.

In Naomi Foner's Very Good Girls, best friends Lily and Gerry (Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen) vow to lose their virginity before college, spending their summer on the beach in this pursuit. Their friendship is tested when they set their sights on the same guy. In this clip from the movie, watch as Fanning and Olsen try their luck with a popsicle vendor on Coney Island. If you haven't seen it on VOD yet, you have a chance to catch it in theaters when it opens this Friday, July 25. 

Since the girls do most of their guy-hunting work on the beach, we thought we'd bring in the theatrical release of Very Good Girls with a beach-themed suggested streaming list.

Spring Breakers
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Directed by Harmony Korine

No list of beach movies is complete without last year’s Spring Breakers by Harmony Korine. The film features young, popular female celebrities as a group of college-age students whose beach vacation goes horribly wrong when they meet local rapper/gangster Alien (James Franco) - though it could be argued that the vacation was going wrong much earlier in the film when the girls rob a bank to fund the trip.

In Another Country
Watch on Netflix
Directed by Hong Sang-Soo

Hong Sang-Soo’s 2013 Cannes submission takes place on the beach town of Mohang, South Korea and animates a young, aspiring screenwriter’s stories. The three comedic vignettes—each one featuring Isabelle Huppert as a visiting Frenchwoman named Anne—involve typical small-community antics with repeat characters like a flirty lifeguard, an earnest neighbor, a cranky pregnant woman. 

Le Havre
Watch on Hulu+
Directed by Aki Kaurismäki

The industrial port city in Northwestern France called Le Havre isn’t much of a beach town, but this waterside narrative presents a sweet relationship between a kindhearted old man and the young African refugee who all but washes ashore at his feet. André Wilms delights as Marcel Marx, who takes it upon himself to keep the young illegal immigrant (Blondin Miguel) out of trouble.

Shun Li and the Poet
Watch on Netflix
Directed by Andrea Segre

New to the fishing village of Chioggia, Italy, Chinese migrant worker Shun Li (Zhao Tao) waits tables at a restaurant and dreams of reuniting with her son. She befriends Slavic migrant worker Bepi - the poet - upsetting the small Venetian neighborhood. This quiet, understated film considers the abuses of migrant labor and the lack of a simple privilege: making and sustaining lasting relationships.

Watch on Amazon Prime
Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante

Watch as a day at the beach goes horribly wrong in Sharknado, last summer's hilarious Syfy original movie. Featuring stellar performances from Tara Reid and Ian Ziering (from Beverly Hills, 90210,) this one is great for streaming with all your friends.

A Place in the Sun
Watch on Amazon Prime
Directed by George Stevens

In this classic drama from 1951, Montgomery Clift is George, a working-class laborer who dreams of a high-society life. George takes one of the two ladies in his life (Elizabeth Taylor) to vacation by a beautiful lakeside—which has a violent history. 


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