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Spoke Art Exhibition Celebrates Work and Aesthetic of David Lynch

'In Dreams' features artwork inspired by David Lynch's films.

San Francisco's Spoke Art, "an art space specializing in new contemporary painting, sculpture and illustration", has created a David Lynch inspired art exhibition, celebrating the iconic director's work now through March 29th. In Dreams boasts artworks inspired by Lynch's celebrated film and television career. Select works are even available for purchase

In an exhibition that ranges from cult favorites like Twin Peaks and Eraserhead to Blue Velvet and Mulholland DriveIn Dreams is a testament to the influence of auteurs in all artistic mediums

"Damn Fine Cup of Coffee" by Christine Hostetler

Who's Agent Cooper without a damn fine cup of coffee? Hostetler immortalizes Kyle MacLachlan as the mystery-solving, coffee-drinking FBI Agent in this painting. Or is it his doppelgänger? 

"In Heaven Everything is Fine" by Epyon5

Screams of a demon baby keeping you up? Is this heaven or maybe something worse? You've got your good things, and I've got mine. Henry Spencer lives on in Epyon5's stenciled work. 

In Dreams is now on display through March 29th at the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, CA. Header artwork by Joshua Budich



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