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New SPECTRE Trailer Gives 007 a Perfect New Villain

Some actors were born to play very specific roles. Yesterday, for instance, Marvel announced that The Walking Dead alum Jon Bernthal will play The Punisher in Daredevil’s second season, causing millions of longtime Marvel Comics fans to collectively say, “Perfect,” because pretty much every character Bernthal’s played so far has been a variation of Frank Castle. Today, now that the next 007 movie has a new preview, James Bond enthusiasts can have a similar kind of “Duh!” moment—actually, make that two of them.

Technically an extended TV spot, the latest glimpse at Spectre—the new Bond movie led by returning champ Daniel Craig—doesn’t reveal much in the way of the film’s plot, which remains a mystery five months ahead of the November 6 release date. But story specifics aren’t what’s important here. What this new Spectre look does is remind us all that, indeed, Christoph Waltz is about as perfect a casting choice to play a Bond villain, and, of course, Monica Bellucci has been the Best Bond Girl Yet To Be Cast since her 1996 breakout performance in The Apartment. And now that both of those stars have fulfilled their casting destinies, there can officially be balance in the cinematic universe.

Will Spectre be even half as great as the last 007 film, 2012’s Skyfall? There’s no way to tell just yet, but at least its antagonist and love interests prerequisites are guaranteed to be winners.