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“Sleepless Night” Makes iTunes’ Best of 2012 List

Sacre Bleu! “Sleepless Night,” the widely acclaimed French thriller from Tribeca Film, made iTunes Best of 2012 list. Rent this pulse-pounding action flick today!

As critics, fans, and film sites are compiling their annual “Best of” lists, we are happy to say that Sleepless Night, the heart-stopping thriller from director Frédéric Jardin, has been included on a number of them. Perhaps most prestigious for Sleepless Night is its inclusion on iTunes Best of 2012 list. Given that Sleepless Night shares the spotlight with films such as Searching for Sugarman, The Grey, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Moonrise Kingdom, we feel more than honored!

Acquired by Tribeca Film shortly after the its world premiere at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival, Sleepless Night was featured at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival, much to the delight of New York audiences. Sleepless Night chronicles one action-packed night in the life of Vincent (Tomer Sisley in a memorable performance), a once-dedicated police officer who may or may not be corrupt.

The film opens with Vicent and his partner stealing a massive amount of cocaine and setting off a remarkable chain of events that includes Vincent’s young son being held hostage by vicious mobstersat a bustling Parisian nightclub, a remarkable setting used to full effect by Jardin.

While trying to save his son, Vincent engages in an intense cat-and-mouse game that quickly spirals out of control as an intricate police conspiracy begins to unravel. Entertaining and relentless, Sleepless Night is fueled by its pulsating action sequences and driven by the immense love that a father has for his son.

So as the year winds down, catch up with the best films of 2012 as curated by iTunes. You’ll be glad you did!

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