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Large jenny clone

Short Film Showcase: Watch Maggie Carey's 'Jenny Clone' Starring Bill Hader

Before the 'To-Do List,' director Maggie Carey was into body horror and collaborations with 'Saturday Night Live' talent. Here's her short film about human cloning and exploding dolls.

Before she stepped up to the plate as writer/director of the teen comedy The To-Do List, Maggie Carey had been working her way up, on projects ranging from the ABC sitcom In the Motherhood to a whole bunch of short films.

One such short was this experimental look at identity and the existential dilemma surrounding what makes us uniquely human. It's called Jenny Clone and it's about a family of dolls who adopt a clone, and the daughter who can't stop blowing herself up:

As you can see, this short joins the ranks of films like The Island and Never Let Me Go in grappling with the thorny issues of human cloning and whether it's ethical to create a human for organ-harvesting purposes.

In truth, it does remind us a good bit of Todd Haynes's Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, and here's hoping doll-based cinema is making a comeback. Also, Bill Hader is the best and should probably have made our list of actors who should get more voice work in animation.


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