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Large lady lovelace

Short Film Showcase: Watch Alexandre Moors' 'The Lady Lovelace Deception System'

The director of the current buzzy indie "Blue Caprice," Alexandre Moors, takes you into a dark virtual world with this earlier work of his.

The psychological drama Blue Caprice, currently in theaters, follows Isaiah Washington as an antisocial idealogue in a dramatized story surrounding the Beltway Sniper incidents. The film has garnered a good bit of attention, which is good news for director Alexandre Moors, who has been making films for almost 15 years now.

One of Moors' earliest film efforts was a short titled The Lady Lovelace Deception System. Whereas Blue Caprice takes place in an all-too-real setting, Lady Lovelace exists in a sleek, dark future, and definitely a future that is in keeping with the sci-fi filmmaking of 2002, when it was made. With subject matter touching on artificial human contact and internet group experience and the always-popular existential loneliness, Lady Lovelace is incredibly stylish and exemplary of a director with a lot to say. Well worth a look:


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