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Watch the Hilarious TFF 2013 Short Film 'Grandma's Not a Toaster!'Video description

Watch the Hilarious TFF 2013 Short Film 'Grandma's Not a Toaster!'

TFF 2013 short film favorite from director Andrew Napier and Academy Award-winner Shawn Christensen is now online!

Susannah decides she wants to steal her sickly grandmother's fortune in the dark comedy short, Grandma's Not A Toaster! from TFF 2013 alum Andrew Napier

Do you know what I could do with $78,000?

Susannah, a mother-to-be with quite the drinking problem, has her eye on the prize and hopes to snag Grandma's fortune with the help of her brother Arnie. But when their younger brother Eddie comes into the picture things get complicated. However, don't count Grandma out just yet - she's going to protect what's hers. 

Enjoy the Vimeo Staff Pick above and check out more info about the film on Facebook.


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