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Check out this Tumblr

The movie set is, at the end of the day, a workplace and women deserve to feel safe and respected there. The Shit People Say to Women Directors tumblr blog curates user submissions from women working in film and TV who have experienced some degree of discrimination in the line of duty. These experiences range from the ridiculous off-hand comment ("I prefer to talk to your husband") to large-scale bullying (her colleagues calling her "Barbie.")

The blog's manifesto clearly declares its purpose: catharsis for the submitter, increased awareness for the film community at large. It's a good idea - putting a diversity of creative minds to work comes with cultivating a workplace culture devoid of this kind of "shit."

The Tribeca Film Festival is committed to this task, making history this year with women comprising 33% of feature filmmakers, the highest percentage in Festival history. The festival continues to honor women filmmakers with the the Nora Ephron Prize, awarded this year to Laura Bispuri of Sworn Virgin.