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Large summerofblood marquee

'Summer of Blood' Opens This Weekend at the Made in NY Media Center

Screen Forward, a venture to bring attention to new filmmakers, kicks off its program with the TFF 2014 Midnight Series favorite 'Summer of Blood.'

With IFP's new theater at the Made in NY Media Center in DUMBO also comes also a program to support emerging artists. Screen Forward offers emerging filmmakers a venue for a week-long run and the opportunity to be reviewed by The New York Times. The program, kicks off today with the TFF 2014 Midnight Series Alum Summer of Blood.

The black comedy follows writer/director/actor Onur Tukel as Eric, a Brooklynite whose career and relationship are flatlining when he encounters a vampire in an alley and suddenly acquires the thirst for blood. His confidence invigorated, the now vampiric Eric carries on living a life of vice. Check out the trailer:

Tickets are now on sale for Summer of Blood's run in the Screen Forward program. Every screening is eventized with Q&A discussions, special guests, art shows, and even wine tastings. Writer/director/actor Onur Tukel is expected to host a discussion after most screenings, so you can get to know the emerging artist you will be supporting. 



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