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Video: Ron Howard Gives Advice to FilmmakersVideo description

Video: Ron Howard Gives Advice to Filmmakers

With the submission dates announced, filmmakers preparing to submit their films to TFF 2015 should heed these words of advice from Oscar winner Ron Howard.

Ever dreamed of taking a master class in filmmaking with Ron Howard? Your wish has been granted. The director/actor welcomed director Matthew Akers (Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present) and the Tribeca team into his hotel suite to share unconventional trade secrets springing from his own professional experiences. In this four-minute video, Howard makes a case for regular salt baths, milk drinkin’, and mild forms of self-flagellation - just in time for our announcement today of the 2015 Festival dates and submission deadlines!

Yes, it’s not what you’d expect from the two-time Oscar winner but even his most unorthodox methods speak to the core values of being a filmmaker: creativity, branding, collaboration, strategy and determination. So prospective TFF 2015 filmmakers, take Ron Howard’s advice (however tongue-in-cheek) to heart when coming up with your own coping mechanisms. The possibilities are endless! 


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