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Ron Howard's Moby Dick Epic IN THE HEART OF THE SEA Sails Into Theaters

Produced by Tribeca's own Paula Weinstein!

Ron Howard's latest historical extravaganza In the Heart of the Sea, which chronicles the real-life 1820 maritime disaster that inspired Herman Melville's seminal killer-whale classic Moby-Dick, arrives in theaters this weekend.

This week, the film also landed on the Academy's 20-wide shortlist for the year's best achievements in Visual Effects.

But Howard's film, which stars Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy, and a dramatically emaciated Chris Hemsworth, also has an intriguing connection to Tribeca in the form of Tribeca Enterprises Executive Vice President, and industry luminary, Paula Weinstein, who produced Howard's epic origin story.

Weinstein (R) with Tribeca co-founder Jane Rosenthal

A two-time Emmy Award winner, Weinstein has fostered one of the most fascinating and storied careers in Hollywood history, with a body of work that encompasses films as diverse as The Fabulous Baker Boys, Fearless, and Blood Diamond, as well as TV shows and movies as varied as Truman, Recount, and Netflix's new hit comedy series Grace and Frankie, starring Lily Tomlin and Weinstein's legendary BFF Jane Fonda.

So, be sure to check out Howard's deft actioner In the Heart of the Sea this weekend because few directors do, much less even attempt, the sort of crowd-pleasing, movie-movie thrills that Howard has always excelled at.

But also be sure to comb through Weinstein's own incredible catalogue of both contemporary classics and underseen gems, each of them an intriguing and noteworthy piece of one of the industry's most sterling and pioneering careers.



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