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'Kill Your Darlings' DP Reed Morano On Why Cinematography is So Male-CentricVideo description

'Kill Your Darlings' DP Reed Morano On Why Cinematography is So Male-Centric

In this exclusive clip from Morano's extensive Craft Truck interview, she talks about why cinematography has been a boy's club.

In this exclusive outtake from Craft Truck's excellent interview with one of the most sought-after cinematographers out there, Reed Morano (who lensed this week's Kill Your Darlings and the upcoming The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete, along with a gagillion upcoming films), talks about why cinematography (and film) have been traditionally so male-dominated. 

This is just a preview - here's the full Craft Truck interview with Reed, in which she talks about starting out in the business and lensing the indie success "Frozen River", drama "The Magic of Belle Isle", and "Shut Up and Play the Hits", the final concert and doc about LCD Soundsystem.


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