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Rebecca Hall-Jason Sudeikis TFF2015 Romance Gets Valentine's Day Release

Tumbledown, a 2015 Tribeca Film Festival world premiere, has been acquired by Starz Digital, who plan to release this gentle romantic drama from debut director Sean Mewshaw on Valentine's Day 2016.

The film, written by Desiree Van Til, stars Rebecca Hall as a grieving, small-town widow who begins a cautious relationship with the self-assertive writer (Jason Sudeikis) who's penning a biography of her late husband, an acclaimed folk singer.

Dianna Agron, Blythe Danner, Griffin Dunne, Joe Manganiello, and Richard Masur round out the appealing supporting cast of this rich, atmospheric romance, which will hopefully attract the Valentine's Day filmgoers who are justifiably sick of the flat, all-star, Garry Marshall-style lovefests that have become this holiday's standard cinematic fare.

Remember how we bashfully loved all those effortlessly charming, carefully-made, character-driven love stories that always starred Sandra Bullock or Meg Ryan or Michelle Pfeiffer as a mellow, down-on-her-luck singleton who finds sweet, uncertain love with a good-hearted guy? Remember when they used to populated our theater screens in the nineties before vanishing almost entirely once the 2000s rolled along? Remember how modestly, movingly, genuinely good they were?

Grab a red pen and mark it on your calendar with arrows and hearts: Tumbledown's the callback we've been waiting for.