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Read 4 of the Oscar-Nominated Screenplays Online

With the much anticipated Oscar nominations announced this morning, here's some of the Best Screenplay nominees. Read and learn, screenwriters!

With some stiff competition in the Best Screenplay category, Scott Meyers and his popular screenwriting blog, Go Into the Story, has presented the world with his annual list of screenplay PDFs.

Here are four of this year's nominees. Read a few and make your own Oscar predictions! 

12 Years a Slave

Adapted Screenplay by John Ridley

Reading Ridley's screenplay really gives you a sense of the finesse with which Solomon Northup was crafted on the screen. 


Before Midnight

Adapted Screenplay by Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, and Ethan Hawke

Can you believe we first met Jesse and Celine on a train nearly 20 years ago? The dialogue crafted by the director and actors themselves rewards us with the intonations of such a relationship. 



Screenplay by Bob Nelson

Reading Bob Nelson's first feature length script is essential to catching all the film's subtleties. On the page, Woody's confusion and outbursts become still more hypnotic. 



Adapted Screenplay by Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope

Young Philomena's fear and older Philomena's hesitation are present in every word of this screenplay. If you loved the film, the script is a must-read. 


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