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You'll Never Guess What One of Quentin Tarantino's Favorite Performances of 2015 is...

Just when you thought all of those year-end lists had stopped... Here comes Tarantino.

Call it the morning of surprising quotables. And as always, with the good comes the bad.

Let's start with the bad. As in, the very bad. With the #OscarsSoWhite and Oscar boycotts dominating all film news beats lately, it was only a matter of time before someone said something to piss folks off and make him- or herself look buffoonish. But who would've guessed it’d be Charlotte Rampling? The 69-year-old Best Actress nominee, for her amazing work in 45 Years, was asked about the controversy during an interview with the French radio network Europe 1 earlier this morning. Her response was more suspect than Steve Avery. “It is racist to whites,” she said, before sticking her proverbial foot deeper into her mouth, with, "One can never really know, but perhaps the black actors did not deserve to make the final list."

Fans of 45 Years must feel like they're in a bad dream this morning—seriously, Charlotte Rampling, of all people? For the rest of Rampling’s thoughts, which attempt to add context to her stance but hardly salvage her good name, can be read here.

And now, for the good, which comes from another unlikely speaker: Quentin Tarantino, who’s usually the one making outrageous statements of the racial variety. (See here. And here.) In an interview with Metro, The Hateful Eight’s director was questioned about the recent Directors Roundtable interview he participated in for The Hollywood Reporter, alongside the all-male squad of Ridley Scott, Tom Hooper, Danny Boyle, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu, and David O. Russell; particularly, the interviewer wondered what needs to be done in order for women to be invited that prestigious and annual THR sit-down. Tarantino’s answer pointed out a surprising choice for one of his favorite movies of 2015.

"It does seem to be to some degree there’s a boom or bust aspect when it comes to Hollywood when it comes to female directors," said Tarantino. "There becomes an era when there’s a lot working then that settles down and there's a dry period, but frankly, maybe I'm just talking shit because the thing is there are female directors. Maybe they’re not being the ones that are being asked to be on the Hollywood Reporter roundtable. One of my favorite movies this last year was Nancy Meyers' The Intern." He added that Meyers’ screenplay for The Intern is on par with It’s Complicated, and that she deserved a seat at THR's roundtable.

Within the statement, Tarantino dropped yet another unexpected superlative: "They’re not considering [The Intern] for the Oscars even though I think Robert De Niro gave one of the best performances this year in that movie."

Whether you agree or disagree with that, use it as an excuse to re-watch Jackie Brown this weekend to remember that time when De Niro starred in what would become Tarantino's most underrated movie, thanks to moments like this:



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