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Announcing Picture Show, a Unique YouTube Collaboration Between Tribeca and Maker Studios

We’ve teamed up with Maker Studios to bring you a new comedy destination with a cinematic twist. Welcome to Picture Show.

We’ve collaborated with the famed Maker Studios to bring you Picture Show, a new YouTube channel for comedy nerds and movie lovers. Picture Show officially kicked off yesterday with a special video from YouTube phenoms Mary Doodles and givememotion, who joined forces to offer their take on the history of film (in just one minute).

Utilizing Maker Studios’ roster of YouTube talent, along with writers and stars from College Humor, Upright Citizens Brigade and our own Tribeca family, Picture Show will specialize in original content that blends the Maker sensibility with Tribeca's cinematic focus. We're happy to make available the first episode in Picture Show’s all-new comedy series, Remix the Movies.

Remix the Movies is a series that imagines alternative takes on some of Hollywood's most iconic moments. First in the crosshairs: Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, which returns to the big screen in 3D this weekend for its 20th anniversary.

Keep watching after the credits for a special Easter egg (which may or may not include a raptor).  


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