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Photo Essay: Who's in Line? 2013 Edition

Movie stars and celebrities aren't the only folks at the Tribeca Film Festival. Every night the theaters fill with everyday people from all walks of life. We sent photographer Jeff Fried to the lines for a second year in a row to see who was there and what they were wearing.

Name: Brendan
From: Brooklyn
Job: Film Accounting
Years attending TFF?: 2 of the last 3

Name: Samnia
From: Brooklyn
Job: Health Coordinator for a startup.
Years attending TFF?: 1st time

Names: Grant & Eleftherios
From: Hermosa Beach, CA & Greece
Jobs: Students
Years attending TFF?: First time.

Name: Eric
From: NYC. East Village
Job: Bar Manager
Years attending TFF?: 4

Name: Marcella and Jess
From: Brooklyn
Job: Photo Editor
Years attending TFF?: 2

Name: Peggy
From: Sands Point, NY
Job: Director of Special Events American Cancer Society
Years attending TFF?: 5

Name: Bryan
From: Queens, NY
Job: Actor/Writer
Years attending TFF?: 3

Name: Vita
From: London
Job: Student
Years Attending TFF: 1

Name: Patrick
From: Brooklyn
Job: Photographer

Name: Johanna
From: Melbourne, Australia
Job: Art Department Coordinator
Years attending TFF?: 1st time.

Name: Zach
From: Michigan
Job: Student
Years attending TFF?: This is my first year, the third film I've waited in line for.

Name: Amanda
From: Brooklyn
Job: TV Producer
Years attending TFF?: 10

Name: Ryan
From: Queens, NY
Job: Fillmmaker/Student
Years attending TFF?: 4.

Name: Malcolm
From: Brooklyn
Movie? A Case of You

Name: Jessica

Name: Luke
From: LA
Job: Writing A Birder's Guide to Everything.
Years attending TFF?: First time.

Name: Jamie
From: Rockaway
Job: Actor

Name: Jessy
From: Lebanon
Job: Producer
Years attending TFF?: 1st Time.

Name: Klaus
From: New York City
Job: Advertising
Years attending TFF?: Since the beginning.

Names: Blake & Allie
From: New Jersey & Philadelphia
Jobs: Advertising & Red Bull Admin
Years attending TFF?: First Year.

Name: Franko
From: Brand New York
Job: NYC DOE Teacher/Dancer/Model
Years attending TFF?: Few years.


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