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Persona's Legacy | Borsalino Hats | Mad Men Dining Week

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The Power of Persona
What you need to know: In honor of Ingmar Bergman's searing, sensational Persona and the towering influence it has had on cinema since its debut in 1966, Indiewire contributor Steve Benedict has compiled a video essay utilizing clips from earlier films that inspired the master Swede, as well as more modern works that simply couldn't exist without Bergman's beguiling template.
Tribeca says: Featuring everything from Jean Cocteau's Orphée to Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan, this makes for one hell of a rental suggestion list, albeit one that begins and ends with Bergman's wondrous, white-hot masterpiece.

High-End Movie Hatmaker Nears Bankruptcy
What you need to know: Borsalino, the legendary, 150-year-old Italian hat manufacturer that has styled movie icons from Bogart to Belmondo (above), is on the verge of bankruptcy following continually waning sales and major legal troubles. The company is responsible for Indiana Jones' iconically sleek fedora, as well as some of the many natty, notorious hats that have been all but glued to Pharrell's head as of late.
Tribeca says: We'll risk cliche and say our hats go off to Borsalino, an enduring icon of film fashion that will hopefully recover and continue to aid Pharrell in his indomitable mission to never go bare-headed again.

Yeezy Season Approaching
What you need to know: In celebration of Kanye West's decade of fame and in anticipation of whatever Paul McCartney-collaborating, denim-clad plans our favorite rapper-cum-provocateur has for his next album, Matter contributor Casey Johnston has finished an admirably exhaustive and worshipfully assembled tournament to discover the best West song, complete with detailed write-ups and thoughtful rulings that would humble any Kanye completist.
Tribeca says: Sure, Late Registration gets gypped altogether but otherwise there's no arguing with a mission this meticulously executed.

Get Our Your Swan Dresses and Shaggy Yak Friends: Björk's in Town!
What you need to know: Iceland's sonic goddess began a string of New York concerts in promotion of her latest album Vulnicura this past Saturday night with an intimate performance at Carnegie Hall. The shows, which resume this upcoming Saturday at the same venue and continue sporadically through June at City Center and the Governors Ball, coincide with a highly-anticipated if divisively-received career retrospective that opened at MOMA this weekend.
Tribeca says: Even if the overhyped MOMA exhibition doesn't quite fly, few if any artists have proven worthier of our time and fascination than Björk. We're happy just to have her here.

Dine Like Don Draper
What you need to know: AMC and NYC & Company (New York's official tourism organization) have teamed up for "Mad Men Dining Week," which will allow foodies and Sterling Cooper fanatics alike to eat a two-course prix-fixe lunch for the period-specific price of $19.69 at participating restaurants around the city, including some bona fide cultural institutions like '21' Club, Barbetta, and Le Cirque, from March 23rd to the 29th. The promotional week is part of a city-wide celebration of the iconic sixties drama, which begins its final season on Sunday, April 5th, on AMC.
Tribeca says: Ceaseless cigarette smoke and juicy workplace politics not included.


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