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Large back to the future delorean
Photo by Universal.

New Yorkers Can Celebrate BACK TO THE FUTURE Day with Free DeLorean Rides!

The beloved franchise's in-film anniversary is almost here, giving New Yorkers the chance to ride in McFly style.

Back to the Future fans all over the world will be celebrating "Back to the Future Day" tomorrow, October 21st, 2015.

Fans of the franchise will remember that it was on this particular date that Marty and Doc forward traveled thirty years into the present-day in the series' first 1989 sequel, which officially places the events of the entire series in the not-so-distant past.

Commemoration has commenced all over the web, as a number of sites — including CNET, Gizmodo, The New York Times, Science Alert, and The Upcoming — have started to compare the film's many predictions for 2015 to our current reality. The general conclusion? Not nearly enough hoverboards.

Meanwhile, all three Back to the Future films will be playing in theaters across the globe, but the Uber-competing car service app Lyft has come up with an alternate way of marking this once-in-a-lifetime anniversary that is both classic and creative.

Lyft has teamed up with Verizon to offer their New York City users free rides in a DeLorean throughout the day tomorrow.

There's a fifteen-minute time-limit for each passenger, so if your ride comes up short, continue the celebration by hoverboarding to your destination.

In the meantime, check out this pre-anniversary Toyota spot that reunites the trilogy's iconic stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, who have some thoughts of their own about the future.



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