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New Transmedia Art Project Aims to Redefine Black Male Identity in AmericaVideo description

New Transmedia Art Project Aims to Redefine Black Male Identity in America

Question Bridge: Black Males is an intriguing and innovative new transmedia art project that couldn't have arrived at a more imperative time as it aims to "represent and redefine black male identity in America" through both communal connection and reinforced individuality.

The art installation, which was supported in part by the Tribeca Film Institute and recently won a 2015 ICP Infinity Award for New Media, utilizes video recordings of question-and-answer exchanges between various members of this wide "demographic" to challenge long-held preconceptions and bridge the "economic, political, geographical, and generational" divides that exist among African-American men through this mediative medium.

Watch the above video to discover more about this shrewd and ambitious project, and click here to read an interview with co-creator Hank Willis Thomas about Question Bridge's socially-conscious origins and its promising and potentially expansive future.