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New Performance Art Piece Re-Creates Famous Movie Scenes in Central Park

David Levine's Private Moment is a new, outdoor conceptual art piece in Central Park that is currently combining the flickering memories of film love with the thrilling yet occasionally uncomfortable immediacy of live performance art.

Based on the titular acting exercise, Private Moment uses sixteen actors (plus three alternates) to recreate eight scenes from movies both iconic and obscure in their actual locations within the Park in a looping, GIF-like fashion.

Right now, passersby might be witnessing a batshit martial spat from William Greaves' seminal docudrama experiment Symbiopsychotaxiplasm by the Lake at Oak Bridge, or an actress vamping it up in period garb on a bench in the Conservatory Garden as Dianne Wiest's stage queen from Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway (above), or even that scene in the grass between Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar from Cruel Intentions that remains the sole reason for that film's bizarre staying power.

Keep an eye out for these scenes and plenty more from the likes of Marathon Man (replete with a shaggy-haired Dustin Hoffman impersonator jogging in seventies-era running gear), Portrait of Jennie, and Six Degrees of Separation by checking out the piece's official page, where you can find a helpful map and scene-by-scene rundown.

Even if Central Park has way too much going on for bystanders to immediately notice, say, two actors strolling along the North Pathway as Gene Hackman and Anjelica Huston from The Royal Tenenbaums, this ambitious and absorbing acting experiment (part of Creative Time's six-week festival Drifting in Daylight) looks to be the rare live art piece to unite both jaded New Yorkers and unsuspecting tourists alike through the odd, shared memory of Buffy and that girl from those Todd Solondz movies going at in the grass.