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'Gravity' Anticipation Reaches a Fever Pitch With Stressful New Trailer & Score Sample

Excitement for Alfonso Cuaron's latest film is at a fever pitch. If you can't see it at the Toronto International Film Festival, nourish yourself with another super-intense new trailer and music sample before the film opens in October.

If you can't wait for Alfonso Cuaron's new film Gravity, you're neither wrong nor alone. His first film since 2006's Children of Men is one of the big-ticket items for both the fall release schedule and the season's top festivals. It played Telluride and Venice last week, and next week, it will screen at the Toronto International Film Festival. Back here in the states, we have to make do with the increasingly generous promotional campaign, and on that front, this week has been a big winner.

First off, we got a new trailer, which expands even further on the first trailer's heart-stopping premise: Sandra Bullock as an astronaut, blasted out into spinning, hyperventilating oblivion by debris. This lengthier trailer continues the ad campaign's trend of keeping the focus on Bullock alone -- George Clooney's voice has been present in all clips, but in this one, we don't even see his face. Every successive minute we see of this movie is the most stressful minute of your day.

Perhaps even more exciting than the trailer, especially for film score buffs, is this 23-minute preview of Steven Price's original score for the film. Price is a relatively new presence in the film scoring world, though he drew much acclaim for the original music for Attack the Block, and he's already scored The World's End this year. With much of Gravity appearing to consist of Bullock's character floating in space, one would imagine the score will play an important part, so have a listen.


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