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6 Movies to Stream This Weekend Starring 2013 Emmy Nominees

With the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards happening on Sunday night (opposite 'Breaking Bad,' so manage those DVRs), we thought we'd hand out recommendations for movies to watch via free-streaming services that put this year's nominees in the best possible light.

The Comedy Option: Citizen Ruth
Laura Dern's nomination for Enlightened will be her only one, since that excellent show was cancelled. But you can stream one of her best screen performances this weekend by firing up this 1996 comedy from a pre-Sideways Alexander Payne.

The Drama Option: The Hunt For Red October
Alec Baldwin might end up snagging one more 30 Rock Emmy for the road this weekend. Why not take some time to watch one of his classic thrillers, like his performance as Jack Ryan opposite Sean Connery as a defecting Russian sub captain.

The Romance Option: Big Fish
Tim Burton's least CGI-laden film in years pulls in a huge and accomplished cast, including Albery Finney, Ewan McGregor, Billy Crudup, and 2013 Emmy nominee Jessica Lange, whose work here is far less harrowing than her turn on American Horror Story.

The Indie Option: Down To The Bone
Before Vera Farmiga became known to mainstream audiences -- certainly well before her performance in A&E's Bates Motel earned her an Emmy nomination -- Farmiga broke through with sterling critical notices for this early work by Winter's Bone director Debra Granik. For her performance as a drug addict and mother, Farmiga earned a Los Angeles Film Critics Association Best Actress prize.

The Classic Option: The Purple Rose of Cairo
Woody Allen's 1985 film about the blurred lines between the movies and real life co-starred current Emmy nominee for The Newsroom Jeff Daniels. Check it out for one of Woody's truly underrated films, and a great performance by Mia Farrow to boot.

The Wild Card: Tiny Furniture
Before Lena Dunham made Girls happen, she played basically the same character in Tiny Furniture, so take a look at the infancy of Hannah Horvath before you see if she can haul in an Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy.


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