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Get Your Tickets to 10 Movies About Supernatural Romance at TFF 2014

From love written in the stars to love from beyond the grave, TFF has a lot of supernatural romance going on this year.

As we watched this year's slate of films, we couldn't help noticing one of the themes that kept cropping up was "Love, with a sci fi or fantasy twist." So we made a list! Here are TFF 2014's supernatural romance offerings. (To check screening times and add a film to your wish list, just follow the link to the film's page.)

The Canal

Film archivist David and his wife's marriage is threatened as their new home’s eerie history begins to repeat itself. 


A newlywed couple immediately faces trouble when the wife disappears one night, only to be found under strange circumstances.

Below Dreams

A reverie of images and sound, the New Orleans tale follows the lives of three very different people. But as each character experiences the city’s (and life’s) realities, it becomes clear these hopes and dreams are no longer possible, and that with change must also come sacrifice.

Love & Engineering

Is there an algorithm for love? Atanas, a Bulgarian engineer living in Finland, thinks he has an answer—he’s found a wife for himself, after all—and he wants to share his findings with some of his geeky bachelor friends.

Venus in Fur

Frustrated by the quality of actresses he has auditioned, Thomas (Matthieu Almaric) is about to give up, when mysterious Vanda (Emmanuelle Seigner) arrives in his theater unannounced, knowing every line by heart. As the two begin a fevered, intense, and at times aggressive collaboration, the lines between passion and obsession (and theater and reality), begin to blur.

Der Samurai

A straight-laced cop finds himself mysteriously drawn to samurai-wielding figure that lurks around a quiet German town.  

Summer of Blood

Onur Turkel wrote, directed, and stars in this film about a man with commitment issues who suddenly finds himself facing New York City as a vampire.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Presented as a Sloan Foundation Special Screening, Michel Gondry's cult film about a man (Jim Carrey) looking to erase his memories of his ex-girlfriend (Kate Winslet) is celebrating 10 years of blowing minds and jerking tears.

Supernatural Romances on RUSH:

In Your Eyes

Brin Hill's film explores the relationship between a dissatisfied housewife and an ex-con who discover their otherworldly connection to each other. Written by Joss Whedon, starring Zoe Kazan, Nikki Reed, and Michael Stahl-David.

The One I Love

Charlie McDowell's film follows a couple (Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss) on a romantic retreat where everything is not what it seems.

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