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Prep for HAIL, CAESAR! By Revisiting the Coens' Past Classics; Plus, Underrated '70s Horror

The best new movies and repertory screenings for you to check out in NYC this weekend.

Good news: Your weekend moviegoing needs have been simplified. Every Thursday morning, our What To See guide will highlight the new releases opening in New York City and NYC repertory screenings that are most worth your time.

Here's your guide for the weekend of January 29 – January 31.

For all of your pre-HAIL, CAESAR! needs…
Film Forum's Coen Brothers series
Directors: Joel and Ethan Coen

When the best movie is the new Michael Bay joint, you know it’s been a rough month at the movies. As the Oscars and Sundance have dominated studios and distributors' collective interests, January 2016 has been the epitome of multiplex struggle, but there’s good news: a worthwhile wide release is finally around the corner! That morale lifter is Hail, Caesar!, the new one from the almighty Coen Brothers, and it looks like they’re back in the always excellent O Brother, Where Art Thou! and Burn After Reading comedy zone. Halle-friggin’-lujah!

For a warm-up before Hail, Caesar! opens, Film Forum will screen all of Joel and Ethan Coen’s previous movies in a seven-day blowout. The can’t-miss program kicks off this weekend with a few of the Coens' all-time best efforts: The Big Lebowksi, the quintessential cult comedy classic, screens Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon; Miller's Crossing, one of the best crime thrillers ever made, has two showings on Saturday; and the surrealistic Hollywood satire Barton Fink gets four screenings throughout Friday. There’s also their 1984 debut, the exceptional horror-minded noir Blood Simple on Sunday afternoon.

You might as well just bring a sleeping bag and post up at Film Forum for the next three days.

Where to see it: Film Forum

Spend the weekend with lesbian vampires, giant killer rats, backwoods maniacs, and Peter Cushing…
Anthology's "American International Pictures, Part 3" series
Directors: Various

The struggle has also been super-real for horror fans this past month, who've been subjected to the maddeningly lazy The Forest and introduced to the latest not-Chucky creepy doll, The Boy's Brahms. February, thankfully, will revive horror’s quality immensely, with the long-awaited theatrical releases of the A-grade indie anthology Southbound and what's being labeled by many as a "new horror classic," The Witch.

In the meantime, the genre-loving programmers at Anthology Film Archives have put together a massive, nearly two-month-long treat. For Anthology’s third edition in their recurring American International Pictures retrospectives, they've assembled a can't-miss slate of obscure horror gems, fringy cult oddities, and, later in the program's run, a Blaxploitation extravaganza. All of the films were produced by AIP, which launched in 1954 and thrived as a reliable factory for dirty and dangerous independent genre cinema.

Beginning this weekend, the AIP celebration opens with a few nasty treasures. In The Vampire Lovers, Hammer Horror icon Peter Cushing squares off against a bevy of gorgeous British lesbian bloodsuckers; in The Food of the Gods, bear-sized rats wreak bloody havoc on an unsuspecting countryside community; and the home invasion flick Death Weekend showcases the early demented stylings of a young Ivan Reitman, long before he directed and produced movies like National Lampoon's Animal House, Ghostbusters, and Stripes.

Where to see it: Anthology Film Archives



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