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Space Souvenirs | Money and Violence | bell hooks

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Welcome to Old New York: ‘Money & Violence’
What you need to know: In a testament to its recent surge in popularity and local community support, the web series Money and Violence was named by New York City’s iconic Hip-Hop station Hot 97 as “The hottest shit in the hood right now.” The fictional web series has garnered a cult-like following since debuting last August, amassing over 5 million YouTube views in the past month alone, mostly spreading by word of mouth and the web series’ social media presence. The show bills itself as “a peek into the streets of Brooklyn,” and has already drawn comparisons to HBO’s famed series “The Wire” for its true-to-life portrayal of urban street life in Brooklyn, New York.
Tribeca says: Read the full story and find out where to watch the series.

Saved by the bell hooks

Saved By The bell hooks
What are you looking at?:
Screenshots of scenes from the ‘90s TV sitcom, Saved By The Bell, with bell hooks quotes overlaid. bell hooks is the pen name of Gloria Jean Watkins, an author, feminist and social rights activist. The combination of the two elements is surprisingly profound and addictive. Might this be the best meme ever?
Tribeca says: Bonus points for the blog’s author succinctly identifying the problem of depicting Lisa Turtle, Saved By The Bell’s only WOC, in posts which contain bell hooks’ thoughts on race.

Carol Armstrong / NASA

Apollo 11 Souvenirs Discovered
What you need to know:
A bag of equipment from Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 mission to the moon has been discovered by his widow, Carol Armstrong. The artifacts include a 16mm camera, a waist tether, and a mirror among other things, which have been donated to the Smithsonian museum and have been noted to be of “priceless historical value.”
Tribeca says: The film from the camera proves that these guys were not only moon-walking astronauts, but also gifted photographers. 

Do You Trust Festival Buzz?
What you need to know: Film critics weigh in on what they take away from the experience of attending film festivals be that an affirmed belief in what films are “good,” a chance to see indie films that do not often make it to theaters, or finding the gem of a movie that might break their career in reporting on it.
Tribeca says: It’s humbling and exciting to know that critics look forward to the festivals and take seriously their role in evaluating and sharing their experiences with the films. See you all in 2 months!

Lynsey Addario

What Can A Pregnant Photojournalist Cover?
What you need to know: Everything. Lynsey Addario describes her intrinsic love of capturing the stories of war, famine, and life in war states and how she could continue to do her life’s work while pregnant, facing obstacles like not being able to take medicine to protect against disease and enduring physical distress.
Tribeca says: We are beyond impressed with Addario’s open and vulnerable style of writing about her experiences. A truly enjoyable read.


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